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Ex-Trump Official: “DeSantis Will Dismantle the Deep State”

National security expert Alex Gray spent four years with the Trump administration. In an exclusive interview with The Florida Standard, he explains why he backs Ron DeSantis – and how the governor can save America.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Alex Gray is a veteran national security executive who spent four years in key positions with the Trump administration. He now leads geopolitical consulting firm American Global Strategies together with former National Security Advisor, Ambassador Robert O’Brien.

In an exclusive interview with The Florida Standard, Alex Gray explains why he has decided to become a surrogate for Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign; what needs to be done the moment the new administration takes office; and how his and others’ efforts under the Trump administration were sabotaged by forces on the inside.


When we reach Alex Gray, the day is of course overshadowed with the new indictment of his former boss – Donald Trump. So, the first topic is almost a given: What happened in the White House during those four years? For an outside observer, the twists and turns are difficult to make sense of. But Alex Gray was there, right in the heat of things, and he doesn’t mind sharing what he experienced.

“When you take over leadership of the country, it’s a must that you bring along staff that are willing and able to fight for your policies. In the Trump administration, we didn’t have that. In fact, we had people who sided with the deep state and sabotaged our efforts to bring about the change that was so badly needed,” Alex Gray explains.

He says that even in the White House, the new administration was at all times surrounded by people who were captured by and loyal to the permanent bureaucracy – not to the new administration.

“Their goal was to destroy us. And with that I mean destroy us on a personal level,” Alex Gray says – adding that now, this hijacking of state powers by nefarious interests can be seen across the entire spectrum of the federal government.


“The federal bureaucracy has always regarded itself as a ‘protector’ against conservatives and Republicans. But now, the norms that held the government together for centuries are being destroyed. In fact, it has gotten so bad over recent years that the government has been weaponized against a large swath of the American population,” Alex Gray tells The Florida Standard

“With Trump, we weren’t able to finish what needed to be done. The fact is that the deep state must be rooted out in a complete and systematic way,” he points out.

And it is this final and permanent cleaning up of the “swamp” that served as major motivation behind Alex Gray’s decision to support Ron DeSantis’ campaign for president. He is convinced that if anyone can do this, it’s the Florida governor.

“What drew me to DeSantis were his proven capabilities to take on this fight in a root-and-branch way. When I looked at his record in Florida, I saw that this was not about tweeting or making speeches – but about actually changing institutions from the ground up. When it comes to the weaponized federal bureaucracy, we need someone who can take it on in a pragmatic way and dismantle it.”


To take on this task, Alex Gray stresses the need for courage and for capable senior leaders to see beyond self-interest. What is desperately needed are people willing to put politics aside and do all it takes to defeat the deep state and get the American government back on the right track.

“Desantis is willing to go out and hire competent and loyal people who are courageous enough to wage this fight,” he says.

Alex Gray knows exactly what needs to happen the very moment DeSantis is sworn in as commander-in-chief.

“The first thing that has to be done is that the federal government is put on notice: they work for the President of the United States who’s elected by the American people – not the other way around. You do this through immediate executive orders that take away the deep state’s power to weaponize its powers against Americans,” he explains.


“This means getting rid of the FBI director and installing someone who values the rule of law over partisanship. It requires taking immediate steps via executive orders to remove career government officials who have demonstrated that they’re actually partisan hacks. We can start moving these bureaucrats out of Washington, D.C. on day one,” Gray says.

“We don’t need this massive imperial, Roman style government in Washington. We have to move these institutions out into outer parts of the country – bring them back to the people.”

But for any of that to happen, DeSantis must first be elected. And can we really trust the election process in our country? Alex Gray thinks so. But it requires taking proactive steps – not be at the mercy of the radical Left’s maneuvers for absolute power.

“We have to be smart about it and we can’t be caught unaware like we were in 2020. If now the Left has instituted ballot harvesting as a permissible practice, we also have to use such methods,” Alex Gray tells The Florida Standard.


Another important task that awaits Ron DeSantis is to restore confidence in our government and its institutions. It’s hardly a secret that Americans are feeling disillusioned and frustrated from the lack of accountability among political leaders and federal agencies. But Alex Gray has a remedy for this:

“Part of restoring confidence is having a president that says what he means and means what he says – and demonstrates through his actions that he’s not just telling people what they want to hear, but that he follows through on his commitments.”

“The American people need to see a president who – on day one – systematically executes his priorities. They need to see their president consistently going to work every single day and fulfilling his promises to the people,” Alex Gray emphasizes.