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Expanding College Towns May Flip Red States Blue

The growth and dominance of liberal college towns are a major threat to Republicans, Politico reports.

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TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — College towns have traditionally been liberal outposts, even in conservative states, cities and counties. A Politico investigation reveals that the growing population of these areas have led to major gains for Democrats.

In Wisconsin, Montana, North Carolina, Colorado, Arizona – traditionally red states, college towns have formed Democrat hubs that are steadily growing, impacting state and local politics as well as national elections. And it’s being driven by young people who strongly favor the liberal lifestyle and message.

“The college town phenomenon is so strong it has Democrats daring to wonder if they might one day flip a solidly red state such as Montana,” Politico writes.

According to The American Communities Project, 171 counties and cities in the country can be designated as “college towns” – and Politico states that these locales are driving a Democrat expansion.

“Of those 171 places, 38 have flipped from red to blue since the 2000 presidential election. Just seven flipped the other way, from blue to red, and typically by smaller margins. Democrats grew their percentage point margins in 117 counties, while 54 counties grew redder. By raw votes, the difference was just as stark: The counties that grew bluer increased their margins by an average of 16,253, while Republicans increased their margins by an average of 4,063,” the news outlet writes.

The liberal environment of college towns serves as a magnet – not only for students –but for people who share typical Leftist characteristics: “environmentally conscious, closely attuned to climate change issues, white and college-educated.”

Republican politicians blame radical indoctrination of young people – first throughout the school system, and then continuing through college and universities. According to former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Republicans have done a poor job of communicating their values to younger generations.

“It comes from years of radical indoctrination – on campus, in school, with social media, & throughout culture. We have to counter it or conservatives will never win battleground states again,” Walker wrote on Twitter.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has fought against “woke” indoctrination in the school system through the Parental Rights in Education Law – but also in higher education, transforming New College of Florida from a far-Left institution to a “Hillsdale of the South” by replacing its board of trustees.