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FAU Tried to Hire “Woke” Military Leader Who Pushed Vaccine Mandates, DEI Quotas: Report

The state is investigating Florida Atlantic University’s presidential hiring process and a new report details the far-Left candidate the school purportedly wanted to hire.

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA — Florida Atlantic University (FAU) attempted to hire a radical, Left-wing military leader as the school’s new president, a report claims.

On Tuesday, conservative journalist Chris Rufo revealed that the university was planning to hire Vice Admiral Sean Buck before the Florida State University System’s Board of Governors stepped in to freeze the hiring process.

Buck had served as superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy since 2019. His official retirement ceremony took place on July 7.

That same day, the board of governors suspended FAU’s search due to alleged “anomalies.” Candidates were reportedly being asked questions about their sexual preferences and gender identification.

Last week, the Board of Governors informed the university that the inspector general would be investigating FAU’s search and hiring process.


In a Twitter thread, Rufo posted screenshots showing Buck’s signature on the Academy’s DEI program, which promised to push full-time “diversity and inclusion staff,” racial quotas of “representative” individuals and “annual diversity and inclusion summits.”

Rufo added: “Buck also led the policy of denying all religious exemption requests for the COVID vaccine. 18 students at the Naval Academy requested exemptions and Buck denied them all, despite the fact that, due to their age, the midshipmen had a very low risk profile.” The Naval Academy mandated that all midshipmen get the COVID shot in order to stay enrolled.

The thread references a report from the Pentagon’s Inspector General that concluded Buck had knowingly lied in order to get a midshipman expelled from the Naval Academy.

Rufo concluded with a tweet advising on FAU’s next steps.

“They need to start over, remove Buck from consideration, and hire a new president that will advance Florida's values – not radical DEI.”


The Florida Standard spoke to a Naval Academy graduate from the class of 2022 who endured a tumultuous four years at one of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher education.

“Shifty times could have done without shifty leadership, but for those of us under Buck and [Commandant of Midshipmen Thomas] Buchanan that’s all we ever knew,” the graduate said. “It became very apparent over time that their primary concern was not with respect to the institution’s mission and certainly not [with] the wellbeing of the Brigade. Their primary concern was covering their own butts.

“On both sides of the political aisle, midshipmen found themselves agreeing on one thing: the leadership was incompetent.”

Earlier today, Governor Ron DeSantis released a detailed plan to restore America’s military. DeSantis said he aims to “rip the woke out of the military and return it to its core mission.”