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Florida CFO Launches Portal to Report IRS Harassment

The online portal will allow individuals, private businesses and nonprofits to report evidence of discrimination by the federal agency.

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ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Today, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis announced the launch of a new Florida IRS Transparency Portal.

During a roundtable discussion with Senator Blaise Ingoglia, Representative Toby Overdorf and local business owners in Orlando, the CFO said Florida wants to provide the public with a tool where they can report harassment by the IRS.

“I’ve always felt that transparency is the best disinfectant, and if there’s an IRS agent who’s bullying a Florida resident, I want to know about it,” said Patronis.

Individuals, private businesses and non-profits can now use the portal at to report evidence of discrimination by Internal Revenue Service operatives. The CFO says the information submitted will be analyzed to determine any patterns of discrimination based on political causes, practices, or beliefs.

“We will also provide reports to members of Congress who help oversee the IRS,” Patronis said. “With this information they’ll have better insight into how the IRS targets families and small businesses, so they’re more effective at reining an agency that Biden is hell-bent on leveraging as his own political operation.”


During the roundtable the panel discussed how the Biden Administration is supercharging the IRS because Washington continues to run deficit spending with no end in sight.

“It’s no secret that Washington has weaponized the IRS against Americans,” said Senator Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill). “As we saw with the pandemic, bloated federal bureaucrats were given unfettered power to impose their will on Floridians until our Governor said enough is enough. The thought of 87,000 more IRS agents is terrifying and in Florida, we will arm our small businesses with the tools they need to fight back if targeted due to political affiliation or ideological differences.”

According to Patronis, the IRS may target citizens through intimidation tactics in Florida “where the fishing is good” because the Deep State is infuriated at Florida’s freedom-first policies – “it drives Joe Biden crazy.”


The CFO also discussed the high-profile case of journalist Matt Taibbi who was targeted by the IRS. Taibbi, a liberal-leaning journalist, spent his career going after Wall Street, George Bush and other conservatives.

But once Taibbi exposed the federal government’s collusion with Big Tech in his “Twitter Files” series, the IRS used a host of research technologies to look into his voting records, whether he possessed a gun and source his private telephone numbers.

“One thing that Donna Barrett and Matt Taibbi both have in common is that they’re not related to Joe Biden,” Patronis said. “This isn’t a red issue or a blue issue. The IRS is targeting people who threaten the Deep State and threaten Joe Biden.”

Representative Toby Overdorf told the panel that if just a few of the new 87,000 IRS agents go rogue, Florida will be the first place they look due to the state’s incredible economic success and freedom first policies.

“Florida will not stand by and let Washington take advantage of our taxpayers to fund their next mammoth spending project,” Overdorf said.

Brian Hill, owner of local Orlando restaurant Brian's BBQ, was also on the panel. He said the Sunshine State is a “beacon of freedom and prosperity” and told panelists the last thing Floridians need is federal agencies “using their power to stifle our economy.”