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Florida Man Saves Dog by Shooting Huge Alligator to Death

The man credited his concealed weapons permit for enabling him to rescue his dog and said he supports constitutional carry.

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TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — A Florida man who shot an alligator to death when it was trying to kill his dog is generating support for increased gun freedom in the state.

When an eight-foot gator pounced on Winston, his chocolate Labrador, the man promptly fired four bullets into the massive predator’s skull. The dog sustained minor injuries, but was otherwise unharmed.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) circulated the remarkable rescue story on Thursday, calling attention to the man’s concealed carry license and his support for constitutional carry legislation.

The NRA used the man’s testimony to collect signatures for a petition supporting the “NRA-backed Constitutional Carry” bill currently making its way through the Florida legislature.

Prominent gun freedom opponent Shannon Watts mocked the organization’s opportunistic post, tweeting: “The NRA didn’t post a single tweet about the nearly 400 armed police officers who were unable to stop a teen with an assault rifle from murdering 19 children and two educators in a Uvalde elementary school. But Winston is alive so…”

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