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Florida Man Sues Leftist Woman for Doxxing White Conservatives

The two activists have been arguing about whether or not children in public schools should have access to sexually explicit books.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA — An ongoing feud between two Floridians with opposing viewpoints on inappropriate books has escalated to a lawsuit.

Pinellas County court records show that conservative blogger David Happe is suing Left-winger Elisabeth Weinstein. Happe filed a restraining order against Weinstein, alleging that she cyberstalked him over his views and is trying to doxx white conservatives, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The two local activists have been butting heads for months over sexually explicit books purchased with taxpayer dollars and placed in school libraries – a contentious debate taking place in many Florida counties.

“Weinstein has hired two lawyers in her defense, saying she’s been sharing publicly available information and standing up for her rights,” the paper notes. “Though it initially appeared they might settle their differences, neither looks likely to back down as the case moves toward a May hearing. Meanwhile, a temporary stalking injunction against Weinstein remains in place.”

Happe alleges that Weinstein contacted his employer numerous times and made false claims against him. A court filing indicates Weinstein sent a message to another conservative aligned with Happe that said: “Let David, and all of your buddies know, anyone [who] shows up at my house will learn progressives are not pacifists, and we know how the Stand Your Ground laws work.”


While the “book battles” are raging across the state, the Sun Coast has been a hotbed for this particular controversy over the past year.

Last month, the Hillsborough County School Board voted to remove This Book is Gay – a book that teaches students how to use adult hookup apps and techniques for different kinds of sex – from all middle schools. The district is reviewing a number of books flagged for pornography.

In January, Manatee County Schools was one of just two districts in the state who had trouble implementing a new law that requires media specialists to review library books. Local media and teacher union leaders helped spread a false narrative that teachers could be charged with a felony for having inappropriate books in their classrooms.