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Florida Surgeon General Demands Answers from FDA and CDC

In a scathing letter, Dr. Ladapo requests that the agencies respond to suspicious practices that covered up serious adverse effects of the COVID shots.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo has penned a letter to outgoing CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and FDA Commissioner Robert Califf.  

“Your ongoing decision to ignore many of the risks associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, alongside your efforts to manipulate the public into thinking they are harmless, have resulted in deep distrust in the American health care system,” Ladapo writes.

Ladapo demands that the two agencies – created to safeguard the American people from injuries and deaths caused by medical products – answer 12 questions on why they have ignored scientific studies on the safety and adverse effects of the mRNA injections and neglected to inform the public on critical issues with the vaccines.

Ladapo also brings up suspicious deviations from the standard process of evaluation of medical products by the agencies.

“Report why randomized clinical trials were not required prior to the approval of mRNA

COVID-19 boosters, including the new bivalent booster,” Ladapo demands.

He adds: “Explain why the Pfizer deadline for reporting their subclinical myocarditis study was delayed until December of 2022, despite the CDC promoting vaccination to millions of
young people, and then postponed again until June of 2023.”

In a post on Twitter, the Florida Surgeon General states that the responses he has received so far from the federal agencies responsible for safeguarding Americans’ health have been nothing but “word salad,” “pandering” and “gaslighting.”