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Floridians Will Remember Biden’s Many Broken Promises This November

Joe Biden has been a costly mistake for America, and Floridians have to make a stand against the Democrats’ destructive agenda this November, writes Carolina Amesty, Republican candidate for Florida House District 45.

America took a chance on Joe Biden, and it’s cost us our paychecks, our safety and our security as a nation. Biden has gaslit Americans about his failures, refused to take responsibility for his shortcomings and made life harder for Floridians. The Excuse-Maker-in-Chief has emptied our wallets, thrown open our border and divided America.

Joe Biden promised to rebuild the middle class. Instead, he created a recession with the recovery he inherited. Hard-working Americans are feeling an inflation rate nearly 6 times what it was when Biden took office at the grocery store, at the pharmacy, at our favorite local restaurant and just about everywhere else. Inflation remains at near 40-year highs and real wages have fallen by around $3,000 per year, leaving Americans poorer than when Biden took office. In fact, Bidenflation has cost Floridians thousands and thousands of dollars. Not only has Joe Biden and his reckless spending played games with our financial security, he’s put our security as a nation at stake with his open borders agenda.

Joe Biden promised to “secure our borders.” Instead, for 18 long months every state in America has become a border town buckling under the weight of illegal immigration. Since Biden took office, there’s been 4.4 million illegal crossings, including the 850,000 gotaways who have escaped into the United States. Whether it be migrant flights landing here in the middle of the night or stories of Floridians being killed by illegal immigrants, we’ve experienced the real-word consequences of the Biden Border Crisis. These are consequences that Florida Democrats have ignored until liberal haven Martha’s Vineyard came into the picture. These Florida Democrats must have forgotten the Biden promise to “ensur[e] the dignity of migrants.”

As a Venezuelan American, I am angered by the sheer indignity of Biden’s inhumane border crisis that’s resulted in more migrants dying than ever before, drowning on the way to America and being abandoned in stifling tractor-trailers. As deadly fentanyl flows through our open border and Americans are being killed by illegal immigrants on U.S. soil, it’s clear that Joe Biden has failed to keep us safe at home.

Biden promised to “unify” the country, instead he’s only divided us. Biden slandered half the country, and we felt his dangerous provocation here at home in Orlando. After Biden called Republicans fascists, the Florida GOP office in Seminole County was vandalized. For those in fear over this act of violence, Florida Democrats did nothing but double down on Biden’s divisiveness. It’s becoming increasingly clear that however low Biden goes, Florida Democrats will follow, even if the safety of Floridians is at risk.

Joe Biden has been one costly mistake for America that Florida Democrats are trying to convince us to buy into yet again. Unfortunately for Joe Biden, Floridians know a dearth of leadership when we see it. In the Sunshine State, we are blessed with strong Republican leaders who care about your empty wallets, securing the border and ensuring the safety of our communities. Floridians can take a stand against the failed Biden agenda by voting his Florida Democrat mini-mes out in November.

Carolina Amesty is a life-long educator and entrepreneur, currently running for the Florida House in District 45. As an American with Venezuelan heritage, Carolina knows very well the consequences of socialism. Follow Carolina on Twitter: