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Give me a Break! New Bill Removes Taxes on an Essential Family Product

A unanimous vote on a new tax exemption bill furthers Governor Ron DeSantis’ $2 billion tax cut to families.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — In a show of bipartisan support, Republicans and Democrats are coming together to remove Florida’s sales tax on diapers and incontinence products, hoping to relieve parents statewide.

Florida’s 6 percent sales tax on diapers was put on a temporary one-year hold in 2022, allowing Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book (D-Broward) to get her foot in the door for a permanent tax exemption on diapers and incontinence products.

“I have filed this bill for the past six years, and while we have had incredible success with a one year exemption, I know that this year we’re going to get it over the finish line to provide permanent relief for families across the state of Florida,” Book stated in the Committee on Finance and Tax.

The passing of SB 114 would make Florida the 22nd state to allow tax breaks on diapers.

The governor voiced his support for the bill under his Framework For Freedom budget, which champions $2 billion in tax cuts for Florida families.

“We are honored to have the governor’s strong support for our proposal to permanently end Florida’s diaper tax and lower costs for working families across the state," Book responded.

Low-income parents house 49 percent of children under three, and 10 percent of elders, lending a higher amount of diapers and resulting costs to those with the least to spare, as diaper costs can be between 6 percent to 14 percent of their annual pay.

In a reach across the aisle, co-sponsor Sen. Keith Perry (R-Gainesville) stated:

“It’s about saving taxpayers and really working-class families with kids.”

Rep. Anna Eskamani’s (D-Orlando) identical bill HB 29 is a good sign for the legislation’s passing, as the two bills move in step through the respective chambers in hopes of becoming law.

The bill was passed unanimously and will now move to the Committee on Appropriations – its final stop before the Senate floor.