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GOP Megadonor: “If We Want To Win, It Has To Be DeSantis”

He used to be one of Donald Trump’s strongest backers. Now he doesn’t think the former president can win the general election. It’s DeSantis all the way for Hal Lambert – and this is why.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Fund manager and GOP megadonor Hal Lambert is one of the nation’s most prominent and generous supporters of conservative causes. In 2016, he served on Donald Trump’s inaugural committee. But now, he has come out as one of Ron DeSantis’ most vocal backers.

“I’ve been a big supporter of President Trump, and I really do think he’s been treated unfairly. But as it stands, I just don’t think he can win the general election. It’s the swing states that matter and there, Trump’s odds are not in his favor,” Hal Lambert tells The Florida Standard.

“And we simply can’t have four more years of Biden.”


Lambert points out that past grievances and pity are poor justifications for picking a viable Republican presidential candidate. Instead, we have to be pragmatic and focus on the one with the biggest chances of succeeding.

“We can all agree that there have been massive disparities in the treatment of people, that we are in a situation where we have a two-tier justice system, for example… and yes, Trump has been treated badly. But that’s not a reason to vote for someone. What we have to do is vote for the person who really can lead and implement the changes necessary,” Lambert explains.

He emphasizes that Trump failed to deliver on many of his promises. No wall was built on the southern border. And Trump was the one who put destructive forces in positions of power, such as appointing Christopher Wray to lead the FBI.

“When you say you’re going to clean up – but then these people are in there because of you… It doesn’t make any sense.”


Hal Lambert has known the DeSantis family since 2016. But it was after a recent dinner with Ron and Casey DeSantis that he made his decision to withdraw his support for Donald Trump. Spending time with the Florida governor and his wife, Lambert was unmistakably impressed.

“The media is spreading lies that Governor DeSantis should somehow be aloof and not good with people. That’s completely untrue. Look at his record – how he’s served this country… His family is great, Casey is great. When I met them in Miami, all his friends from college baseball were there. He’s really a normal guy who’s proven what he can do. He’s delivered in Florida, and that can be replicated around the country,” Lambert says.

“I think we need a generational shift in the leadership of this country. How many baby boomer presidents are we going to have? No… it’s time to move on to the next generation.”


The first issue Hal Lambert would like Ron DeSantis to address once he makes it into the Oval Office is the migration flow across the southern border.

“This has to stop. We are being invaded, there’s no doubt about it. The border has to be closed, and it’s really not that difficult to do. All it takes is the political will,” Lambert says.

“Another important thing is that we have to get back to energy independence from an oil perspective. Oil is in everything that we use. Then we have to deal with the threats we face from other countries. The fact that we have the Chinese in Cuba and all over Latin America must be addressed. DeSantis knows about all these things and he has both the will and the ways to fix them.”

According to Hal Lambert, there’s no other Republican candidate that can match the popular Florida governor.

“If we want to win, it has to be DeSantis,” he tells The Florida Standard.