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Grooming Agenda Escalates with National “Drag Queen Christmas” Tour

The tour will make stops in four Florida cities. Viral footage from a show in Texas featured men in lingerie taking cash tips from children in the crowd and asking one: “Are you reaching for my titties, are you hungry?”

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA — A hyper-sexualized performance by cross-dressing men in lingerie is scheduled to make four stops in the Sunshine State next week. Footage of the lurid show went viral late last week, after independent journalist Tayler Hansen posted a spate of photos and videos on his social media channels.

“A Drag Queen Christmas” is a national tour with 36 stops in 18 states, including four in Florida. Hansen reported seeing more than 20 children at the show he attended in Texas, including some who handed cash to the cross-dressing men and answered their questions from the stage.


Videos from the show reveal that not only are children of any age permitted entry, they are often sought out for participation from the men on stage.

One of the “drag queens” flashed and flaunted the bare, fake breasts he was wearing with a box around them. After the song ended, he asked a child in the audience: “Are you reaching for my titties, are you hungry?”

During the show’s performance of “Screwdolph the Red Nippled Reindeer,” the men repeatedly simulated sex. Another man accepted a cash tip from one of the children near the front row, responding: “Ten dollars already. I think I have a fan. Obsessed much? It’s a child!”

One of the performers spoke to two different children, ages 9 and 10, asking them: “Are you having fun, are you enjoying it, are you confused yet?”

Emcee Andrew Robert Levitt, who uses the stage name Nina West, shared a personal anecdote, telling the audience: “I had sex with my father’s boss in my father’s office.” Levitt then solicited similar stories of sexual experiences from members of the audience.

Levitt has worked with Disney+ and Nickelodeon to broadcast performances that celebrate homosexuality and gender fluidity.


“A Drag Queen Christmas” stops in Fort Lauderdale at Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Boxing Day; the James L. Knight Center in Miami on December 27; and Plaza Live Orlando on December 28.

The Florida Standard contacted each of these venues, asking why they were permitting entry for underaged youth. Only one venue responded.

Broward Center wrote: “Admission to Drag Queen Christmas is limited to patrons 18 years or older, unless accompanied by a parent. To ensure patrons are aware of the adult themes and content in the show, this information is on the website and ticket purchase page; ticket buyers are also being informed through a ‘Know Before You Go’ email, a customer communication that is sent out in advance of most shows.”

The tour is also making a stop in Clearwater on December 29, but host venue Ruth Eckerd Hall posted an 18+ age restriction on their website.


The Florida Standard has reported on several other performances from cross-dressing men advertised for “all ages” in various parts of the state in 2022, including one in Jacksonville last Sunday. Progressive activists in St. Pete are planning to hold the world's largest “Drag Queen Story Time” for all ages on January 21.

The determined effort to normalize deviant sexual behavior targeting children and young teens often gets labeled “grooming.”

Hansen used the term when speaking with Tucker Carlson regarding his coverage of the event and the public response.

“There’s no other way to put it, these children are being groomed by adults,” Hansen said, adding that critics have begun calling him “dragphobic.”

Hansen added: “If dragphobia means that I am against full-grown men dressed as woman sexually dancing and committing lewd acts in front of minors intentionally, then you can consider me dragphobic – to say the least.”

“Where are the dads here?” Carlson asked.

Hansen, who has attended numerous drag events as an undercover reporter, responded: “There are no dads there, 99 percent of the time.”