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Thank you for coming to this site to help protect the students in Hillsborough County from sexually inappropriate material in library books.

The books we have found in public schools throughout the county include material which we believe violates several Florida Statutes.

For details and to participate in a letter-writing campaign to our Hillsborough County State's Attorney, Sheriff, School Board, and the Commissioner of Education, please click the link below to send them an email explaining that we do not want our school libraries to contain books like This Book Is Gay by Juno Dawson, which has obscene pictures and content, including directions to Grindr, an app to connect men to other men and women to women.

Exposing children to such an app also potentially exposes them to situations which could be physically and emotionally very dangerous.

We urge you to click here to send a prewritten email to the specified public officials who can take action to remove these books from the public school libraries. As you read the email, please change the subject line to something original which will differentiate your email to the recipients. You may also need to delete the codes if they appear on your email version, and then start a new paragraph.

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Thank you for taking a few minutes to participate.

Together we can protect the children in Hillsborough County Public Schools!    


Lee Carden

Executive Director Hillsborough County Affiliate, CCDF-USA

(813) 299-1512

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