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Homosexuality and Transgenderism: The New World Religion?

Marxism expert James Lindsay explains what drives the bizarre push for transgender and homosexuality.

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Across the Western world, populations are being inundated with LGBTQ propaganda. At official functions and events involving the highest offices of the state and military, the “Pride” flag is often taking center stage at the cost of national banners.  

One does not have to have anything against fellow human beings who have different sexual proclivities to find it curious why homosexuality and transgenderism are being pushed so hard by the media, government institutions, non-governmental organizations – and even the church.


The overarching question is why sexuality at all should have such a prominent role in the public sphere. The Florida Standard spoke with James Lindsay, an expert on Marxism and the role of LGBTQ in subversion.

“There are multiple objectives for these campaigns. For example, there’s a broad percentage of people, even liberals – it may exceed 85 percent of the population -- who don’t like this one bit. They feel that something is wrong. So what’s that’s the purpose in showing this in their faces? It’s about demoralization,” says Lindsay, who has long studied contemporary Marxism and radical Left-wing movements.

Lindsay explains that the architects behind the propaganda take advantage of certain basic mechanics:

“When there’s a broad propaganda campaign, a large swath of people will at first accept the message. They will take the bait. Consider people who watch mainstream news like CNN and still count that as a credible source. They will be sucked into the message of transgenderism, for example, And this is the point where you can run the ball along the field before people start realizing something is afoul,” Lindsay explains.


The second goal, Lindsay explains, is to create instability in society. In order to have a revolution, people and structures must be destabilized.

“Sexualized children are destabilized children. Sexual issues, especially when they get introduced through children, destabilize families. You also destabilize communities, because some parts of the community will say yes – these new ideas about children’s sexuality are valid, whereas other parts say ‘hell no!’ – and then you have a divided and destabilized community,” Lindsay explains to The Florida Standard.

“The third objective is to provoke. It’s called a middle-level provocation in the terminology of political warfare. The provocation is big enough that you have to respond, and then you get locked into what is considered ‘social alchemy.’ This is where the enemy has created something out of nothing; invented a conflict that doesn’t actually exist,” Lindsay says.


Hence, we get sucked into a culture war where the battle lines are constantly shifting. “Trans genocide” is a good illustration. There are barely any transgender people in America, neither is there any type of organized violence against them. Yet, the radical Left wants us to feel that way. And that’s how you artificially create a conflict that in reality didn’t exist.

If we go back to the church, it now seems to strategically make sense to go after religion. It’s a soft spot for most Americans, and to see their pastors and venerable buildings under the rainbow banner is a huge provocation.

James Lindsay believes that the goal is to build up the demoralization, destabilization and disintegration in order to create acts of violence.

Maybe it’s a pride or fetish event targeting children in public which will upset a lot of people.


“Then, the government – that’s complicit in this revolutionary dialectic – finally has a reason to crack down on the people that form the backbone of the democratic republic. They can then paint them as the bad guys and go after them with all they’ve got,”
Lindsay says, adding:

“The Human Rights Campaign are saying that hundreds of laws in many states around the country are targeting the “trans community” – when in fact, all they do is protect children from what was previously known as lewd and inappropriate sexualized behavior. Now they’re saying this is a rising tide of anti-LGBTQ hate. And through alchemy they have now produced that image, which is completely bizarre.”


Perhaps the religious-like nature of the LGBTQ subversion makes more sense if you, like Lindsay, see Marxism as a theology more rather than from the point of a political ideology or economic theory:

“Marx was never an economist – he was a theologian. He wanted to produce a religion for mankind that would supersede all religions for mankind and bring him ‘back to his true social nature,’” Lindsay recently said in a speech at the European Parliament.