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Hope Florida Expands to Support Floridians With Disabilities

The partnership with local employers will provide opportunities for employment that are tailored to the individual needs of disabled Floridians.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — First Lady Casey DeSantis launched an expansion of the Hope Florida Program during an event on Tuesday in Orlando. Hope Florida – A Pathway to Possibilities will coordinate with private sector partners to assist Floridians with unique abilities in reaching their potential.

The initiative includes dedicated Hope Navigators who will work with disabled citizens to provide resources and opportunities in their local communities. The program will also help with navigating the state’s wide array of services and connect people to nonprofits, peer support groups and faith-based organizations.

“With the expansion of Hope Florida to serve individuals with unique abilities and their families we are working exterior of government to unite communities to create opportunities,” said First Lady Casey DeSantis. She explained that the foundation has added more partners to its roster.


Casey DeSantis announced that 13 companies have committed to joining Hope Florida, including Publix Super Markets, HCA Florida Capital Hospital, Florida Goodwill Association, The Florida Panthers, Lee Health, Broward Health, Sunshine Health, Allstate Insurance, AAR Corp., Automated Health Systems, Riverside Hotel, Siemens Healthineers and KPMG.

The partnership with local employers will allow Hope Florida to serve more Floridians, including those with unique abilities – and provide opportunities for employment that are tailored to their individualized needs.

“There is no greater privilege than serving individuals with unique abilities and their families by assisting them with achieving goals, removing barriers, navigating government, and creating opportunities to build a strong network of support within their local community,” said Taylor Hatch, Director for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

Businesses that commit to supporting their communities through Hope Florida can do so in three tangible ways:

Provide Employment Opportunities

Businesses can provide Hope Florida participants with job opportunities that consider that individual’s unique needs and skills. Whether it's offering flexible work hours or on-the-job training, employers commit to supporting the Hope Florida mission through tailored work opportunities. To sign up, email

Join CarePortal

Businesses can establish a profile online to respond to unmet needs within their community. Through the CarePortal, a point of contact at the business will receive real-time alerts to assist Hope Florida recipients with their unique needs such as delivering a meal, bed, diapers, etc. To establish an online giving profile visit: and click “I Want to Help.”

Donate to the Hope Florida Fund

The Hope Florida Fund harnesses the charity of the private sector to provide financial resources to deserving local nonprofit organizations.
Donate or learn more here.

Join Hope Florida as a private sector entity here.  

Individuals with unique abilities and their families who are in need of services can connect with Hope Florida by visiting or calling the Hope Line (850-300-HOPE).