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Horrifying Video Reveals How Surgeons Mutilate Gender-Confused Girls

The video went viral just hours before the official start of “Pride” month. Furious viewers responded with comparisons to Nazi experiments and globalist population control.

UNITED STATES  — An animated video demonstrating how surgeons perform a sex change operation on women ignited a wave of horrified responses on social media.

Woke Archive tweeted the video on Wednesday evening to the account’s over 111,000 followers. As of Thursday afternoon, it had garnered over 192,000 views.

The video features logos from Reuters and the Left-wing media outlet .Mic.

.Mic tweeted a similar video in 2016 that shows a sex change operation for men.


Responses to the video were overwhelmingly negative.

Several Twitter users made references to infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, whose barbaric human experimentations earned him the nickname “Angel of Death.” Others argued that normalizing the unnecessary surgeries was part of a larger agenda to mitigate population growth.

One user shared the video and called the surgeries “Manmade horrors beyond your comprehension.”


Men and women who have been sterilized and mutilated as minors are calling for states to prohibit these harmful surgeries for those under 18. Florida is one of 20 states in America that have passed legislation doing just that.

On May 17, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that prevents adults from unnecessarily mutilating children through the procedures depicted in the videos. The law threatens violators with a third-degree felony.

In September, The Florida Standard profiled a 19-year-old man named Brandon who was confused about his gender as a young teen. He began receiving “gender-affirming care” at age 15 and ultimately decided to have a surgeon cut off his penis. Today he says he “often” considers suicide.

“I can't believe that I went through this, it’s unreal,” Brandon said. “No one told me what life would really be like. No one asked me about having kids in the future, or if I wanted any.”

Brandon is by no means an outlier. A 2011 study out of Sweden found that the suicide rate of people who undergo a sex change operation is 20 times higher than that of their peers.

In spite of these troubling numbers, the next 30 days in towns across America will be marked by parades celebrating the same paradigm that robbed Brandon – and countless other young people – of ever having children and left them physically and mentally scarred for life.