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How Can Ron DeSantis Fix Our Broken Nation?

After his announcement last night, now comes the heavy lifting. Ron DeSantis’ greatest challenge is to restore a government by the people, for the people, writes Will Witt and Jonas Vesterberg of The Florida Standard.

Scandals involving elected representatives that would be unthinkable only a few years ago.

A government and military leadership that divides Americans and purges those who hold on to our most basic individual rights.

Blackmail, extortion, pedophilia and corruption at the highest levels of political and corporate power.

A constant stream of illegal aliens across the southern border – organized by our own government.

Washington pork and waste in the trillions.

A never-ending trickle of hundreds of billions of tax-payer dollars to support a war that more and more seems like a vanity project and money laundering scheme of the transnational criminal elite.

The constant televised and social media broadcast spectacle of end times theater. “Are these people just mocking us now?” The question is fair.

A sharply divided population. Some loud, enraged, militant. Others – nihilistic. Defeatist, perhaps. The elites are in control, and they don’t care what we do or what we think. It’s easy to get disillusioned, and by that – passive.

But Ron DeSantis is anything but. Despite the fact that the problems facing America almost seem insurmountable, he has embarked on a mission to return us to decency, rule of law and the basic principles of fairness and freedom that most of us thought Americans embraced – until nefarious forces started weaponizing us against each other.

As governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis’ strategy has been a full-on offensive to push the biggest common-sense reforms in modern history. He has traveled the nation touting his Freedom Blueprint, and is now looking to bring that to the rest of the country.

This relentless advancement of fundamental American values and his refusal to back down from them is what made him an almost unrecognizable figure when he was first elected to now one of the biggest figures in the Republican party – a serious contender to former President Donald Trump.

If Ron DeSantis wants to win the primary, and then the general election, he will need to focus on the future – not the past. He must highlight the many victories he has had in Florida and how it is possible to implement them on a national scale.

For the past several decades, the U.S. population has been under constant psychological assault by our own leaders and their accomplices in the media establishment – and it’s starting to form deep cracks in the American construct. For the past few years, the attack has been scaled up. Malign actors, foreign and domestic, are busy trying to disintegrate our minds, our bodies and society at large. They want to break it all down in order to build something new. Whatever that is, we can assume it’s nothing good for us.

How can Ron DeSantis stop this war on Americans? Before anything can mend, the injurious actions must be halted. The healing comes after the battle is won. Until then, all we must do is fight with no fear. Saving freedom is more important than our individual comfort – even our lives. Because if we don’t give this fight all we got, our children will live in a dystopian biomedical surveillance state. And it will be all our fault.

Ron DeSantis has shown that he possesses the fearlessness needed to buck the enemies of humanity and freedom. Hopefully, his courage and common-sense outlook to problems that can be solved as long as Americans are willing to do the work will serve as inspiration for a new generation of American patriots.

As president, DeSantis must address the government-orchestrated illegal alien invasion at the southern border, vow to protect kids and parent’s rights nationwide, and root out corruption in the executive, legislative and judicial branches. He must focus on the staggering inflation facing our country and the role of the Federal Reserve. He must appeal to all people as a man who is there for them – not for special interests or behind-the-scenes powerbrokers.

Ron DeSantis must do his best to unite Americans, but not by making any form of concessions to those internal forces that want to see this country go down in flames. Unity cannot and should not be achieved when one side is dedicated to the toppling of all the good, basic and fundamental values that provide the guiding light that our country was founded upon.

The disintegration of these United States is marching ahead with brisk steps, with strong supporters strategically placed around the globe. It cannot be countered with rhetoric or holding mass meetings catering to a cult of personality. This is not a movie, people. You have to disengage from the mythos created by Hollywood and the media and step out into the real world. Embrace skepticism and do not subscribe to idolization of political figures, no matter how they are presented to you.

Talk is cheap. The threats to our nation must be met with swift, efficient and ruthless action – and uprooted for good. Ron DeSantis has provided us with the blueprint. Through his governorship of Florida, he has proven that he is this man of action and results. And he has a solid, battle-proven team behind him to back it up. There has been clear change in Florida under his leadership – not just window dressing. Most of it has been great, some of it less perfect.

Going forward, Ron DeSantis must be crystal clear as to what he represents. For as a self-professed patriot and defender of American liberty, signing U.S. law that limits freedom of speech (however despicable) while in a foreign country – legislation that confers special rights and privileges to certain ethnicities and religions – is not compatible with American constitutionalism or patriotism.

In order for Ron DeSantis to restore the trust in the government and the faith in our nation, he must assure the people that the United States of America will never be a client or vassal of foreign powers, financial interests, religious movements, transnational organized crime – no matter what disguise it takes – or held hostage by its own runaway institutions.

We have seen what pandering to special interest groups has done to conservatives and how the radical Left plays the divisive game by weaponizing perceived group-based grievances using identity politics. Both avenues lead down the same path: to the destruction of We the People.

Ron DeSantis may be this nation’s best hope for a renaissance, as long as he stays within the framework of his own Freedom Blueprint: that Americans must be Americans first. Whatever other identities we may have come in second and may be kept a private matter.

Only with unyielding loyalty to its founding principles can this nation be restored. With liberty and justice, for all.