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How To Take Back Control of National Security and Punish the Traitors: A Letter to Our Next President

Our next president must take far-reaching and urgent measures to reform the U.S. national security apparatus, writes Edward Haugland, who served in senior positions with the DOD, ODNI and CIA for nearly four decades.

It astounds me that conservatives believe that “if” they win the 2024 elections that they can reign in the deep state, government corruption, and stop the progressive domestic terrorist attack on our nation.  Whether it be Trump, DeSantis or another nominee – what they all fail to understand is the depth of control that has been layered in over decades.


For over thirty years, I have warned conservatives of the Left’s use of our national security apparatus to subvert conservative administrations, the law, and our constitution. They were highly skeptical until the attempted subversion of an election. Then, when that failed, they staged a coup against a sitting president and his staff via the Steele dossier and the likes of Brennan, Clapper, Comey – plus a long list of DOJ, FBI, DOS, and DOD miscreants.

When that also failed, the cabal expanded to include Democrats in Congress who knew the lie yet led America through two dystopian Stalinist show trials called impeachment. In parallel, over the last six decades we’ve seen the takeover of critical but mundane institutions like school boards, city councils, human resource departments, the education and legal system, and the federal civil service bureaucracy.

Now you understand why.


The extent to which the Left meticulously planned and then executed the 2016 election interference, then a coup, then subversion, then election interference again in 2020 – should give pause to all Americans. It speaks to a dystopian desire for absolute power that trumps country, constitution, the rule of law, our civil liberties, and personal freedoms. Evil does exist, and in this ongoing domestic cognitive war of terror against America – you are naïve if you think one election, shuffling a few leadership posts or reducing funding will change things. That is, if 2024 produces a conservative outcome. Or if the election is ever held.

The Durham report offers a few hints at what we’ve experienced, have seen, yet do not fully believe. I recommend you read the report in its entirety, but here’s a few key points:

We have a two-tiered justice system. There is no accountability for totally ignoring the law, as the complicit and corrupt DOJ and FBI refuse to prosecute their own staff and political leaders for committing serious crimes.

The DOJ, FBI, IC, DOD, DOS and other national security elements were, and continue to be, weaponized and politicized for use against “We the People.” Persecution, entrapment, prosecution and felony convictions for regular citizens who stand up for constitutional values, while the protected class of Leftist politicians and compromised bureaucrats are granted immunity.

Neither law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community need to show any real evidence against their targets (us). They just make it up as they want. The criminals in our agencies and institutions are using our taxpayer-funded, cutting-edge national security resources to launch illegal investigations, conduct illegal surveillance, harass and frame those patriotic Americans who are considered threats to their totalitarian goals.

The evidence of these crimes are then hidden through the state’s compartmentalized confidentiality architecture.


I have a forthcoming book on Cognitive War that speaks to a fuller set of solutions to address the ongoing global and domestic cognitive warfare. So, let me help out the presidential candidates with a few tips from a bureaucrat who spent four decades in national security – so we don’t repeat the mistakes or naivete of Trump.

The bureaucracy lives to protect itself and its leaders who’ve embedded themselves like ticks on the host – America. These parasites are sucking the freedom out of our country to feed their growing thirst for power and control.

You need to have your plan, strategy, and team built now – as execution must begin on the very first second of a new administration.

  • Overhaul the national security apparatus – yes, DOD, DOJ, FBI, CIA, ODNI, the rest of the IC, DOS, DOE, and the IC departmental elements. They’re stuck using an industrial age model, as our adversaries outmaneuver them in the information age. The primary war is cognitive – not kinetic. All personnel must be re-evaluated and investigated to establish where their loyalties and values lie. To only replace the upper management is suicidal, as the deep state indeed runs deep. Overhaul the whole damn factory floor! If you fail here – all else doesn’t matter.
  • One DOD service – not six or seven: DOD must move to one service by 2035, integrated, with cross functional domain expertise.
  • Split, shake and blend the CIA, DIA, ODNI, NGA and NSA to form a dynamic intelligence organization that’s integrated, fast, proactive and efficient in countering threats – external and internal. Sharpen open-source capabilities.
  • Take back the control of key communications and surveillance systems from the grip of the corrupt traitors that have infested this trillion-dollar machine and turned it against Americans.
  • Overhaul the civil service and reward system. We don’t need ticks that live off the host of government, we need federal employees that serve the people. No seven-year terms for ANY federal agency/department, and every civil servant should be required to move within or across agencies every three years – max five years in one capacity. No exceptions. Rewards for outcomes only.
  • Prosecute, prosecute, prosecute. Nothing focuses the mind greater than a public hanging. As we can see from the Durham investigation, our justice system is presently corrupt and cases are not pursued against some of the greatest criminals to walk the streets in our country. Charges must be brought against Clinton, Cline, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, Hayden and others. If we don’t have accountability, we are a lawless nation.

These are crimes that fall under U.S. Code Title 18:

§ 2381. Treason

§ 2383. Rebellion or insurrection

§ 2384. Seditious conspiracy

§ 2385. Advocating overthrow of Government.

Americans who have abrogated their oaths of office must go to prison, pay hefty fines, and be precluded from ever serving in elected or official positions.

Last but not least, we must overhaul the Whistleblower Protection Act. Today, it’s useless and suicide for any true whistleblower. Penalties for retaliation against a whistleblower must be personal and financial, to include pension and garnishment of pay – along with incarceration.