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Joe Biden Begs You To Get Vaccinated As His Narrative Collapses

Let’s play a game. Take a bite of chocolate, chocolate, chip ice cream every time Biden lied during his press conference today. I guarantee you you’ll be more susceptible to dying from Covid by the end of it… In President Joe Biden’s press conference today, Biden begged this country to get vaccinated, praising the shot’s efficacy and claiming that vaccination is the path we have to take to get out of this. This statement from the President comes on the same day that the UK dropped their vaccine and mask mandates, realizing that these edicts don’t do anything to actually stop the transmission of Covid. What Biden said today shows how out of touch he is with the numbers on Covid, the economy, and what the American people want.

In Los Angeles where I live, the city has had a surge of 126,476 new covid cases since the vaccine mandates were implemented, which means cases have risen nearly 5000% in that time. In Australia, with a 95% vaccinated population, they are seeing their highest spike in cases ever with nearly 100,000 new cases every day. The mainstream media’s narrative is collapsing right in front of us, and it is only a matter of time before all of this ends. Joe Biden’s regime is failing with the lowest polling numbers we have ever seen in the first year of a US president, and even Democrats like Stacey Abrams don’t want to be associated with him. Soon enough, if patriots keep sharing the truth and standing up for ourselves, we will be back to an America free from the draconian measures we have all become so accustomed to.