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“Keeping Florida Free” – DeSantis Campaign Drops New Ad

The new video ad relies less on speech and more on visuals – communicating images of free and happy Floridians.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Today, the DeSantis reelection campaign presented a new one-minute-long TV ad. In the video, we see emotional snapshots of the governor interacting with citizens all over the Sunshine State.

The new video ad relies less on speech and more on visuals – communicating scenic images of natural beauty combined with the governor’s meetings with free and happy Floridians across the state.

“The Governor’s Freedom Agenda is delivering historic results for Floridians — historic tax relief, historic teacher pay, a historic law enforcement recruitment package, historic legislation for protecting parental rights — all while blunting the headwinds from Washington DC, making Governor DeSantis the leader Florida needs,” the campaign said in a statement.

With one week away from the election, DeSantis has a strong lead in the polls over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist. The governor’s approval ratings among Floridians also look promising for the reelection campaign, with 55 percent of surveyed voters thinking that the state is heading in the right direction.

This can be contrasted with how voters see the general state of the country as a whole – in the same survey, only 28 percent of the respondents thought that the United States was heading in the right direction.