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LGBTQ Activist: DeSantis “White Supremacist Agenda” Seeks to “Genocide Trans and Gay People”

Tampa Bay Socialist Party organizer Karla Correa got booted from the meeting after disregarding directions from the school board chair.

TAMPA, FLORIDA — An LGBTQ activist got booted from a public meeting after she claimed Governor Ron DeSantis’ “white supremacist agenda” includes the “genocide” of homosexuals and those confused about their genders.

“We have to make sure that we're not complicit in Ron DeSantis' plan to genocide trans people and gay people and to send them back,” Karla Correa told members of the Hillsborough County School Board on Tuesday.

The comments came at a special meeting during which the board voted to remove a book in a middle school library that teaches students how to use adult hookup apps and techniques for different kinds of sex. The board voted 4–3 in favor of prohibiting the book at all middle schools in the district.

“This is part of a much larger agenda to divide workers and to make sure that this state is a white supremacist hateful state,” continued Correa, an organizer with the Tampa Bay branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. “This is part of the larger attacks on workers on, you know, black people on immigration.”


Correa, who used the Twitter handle @comradekarla, was told repeatedly to keep her comments focused on the book in question. She ignored the directive and continued ranting about the governor, saying the board should not capitulate to “Ron DeSantis’ white supremacist agenda.”

As she returned to her seat, Correa looked back at the crowd and nodded.

“There’s people with a really hateful agenda here who don’t want gay people to be able to exist, or trans people to be able to exist,” she said moments earlier regarding those opposing the book.

Correa recorded the interaction she had with security officials, who told her she was not allowed back in due to an “outburst in the boardroom.”