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LGBTQ Group Continues Child Indoctrination by Navigating Around Florida Laws

Equality Florida has launched a new venture to help parents follow the latest LGBTQIA+ guidance without running afoul of the state’s new laws protecting the innocence of children.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A Florida-based non-profit devoted to championing homosexuality and gender confusion is now offering parents training on how to raise their children in the Sunshine State.

Equality Florida – the state’s largest LGBTQ advocacy group – has launched “Parenting with Pride.” The Parenting with Pride website promises to “serve as a pipeline for parents and families to create communities where every LGBTQ+ child feels safe, affirmed, and loved.”

Parenting with Pride comes as a reaction against a spate of new laws passed during the 2023 Legislative Session that tackle issues related to sexualization of children in schools and affirmation of gender confusion.

Axios provided the following description of the Parenting with Pride mission: “to teach guardians about new laws affecting queer students via free webinars, track how those rules are implemented in schools, and provide them with resources and support.”

The site contains free resources, including access to legal support, activism training and book recommendations that will help parents encourage their children to consider embracing a lifestyle of homosexuality and/or gender fluidity.


There are also links to several third-party handbooks and guides, such as the U.S. Department of Education’s “Creating Inclusive and Nondiscriminatory School Environments for LGBTQI+ Students” toolkit.

A two-page flier from the organization Gender Spectrum instructs parents to always affirm confusion in their child and catechize their children with LGBTQ doctrines, such as: “Your body doesn’t determine your gender.”

The flier reminds parents that “For most kids, experimenting with gender will be just that – exploration and play,” and “We don’t know just by looking at someone what their gender is. If we want to know, we would need to ask them.”

Additionally, Gender Spectrum encourages parents to “Mix up gender language when reading stories to your kids.”

Another promoted link on the site targets grandparents of “queer” kids, reminding them to: “embrace your grandchild’s identity fully, and continue to offer unconditional love and support.”


Parenting with Pride also features a guide created by the Human Rights Campaign that not only tells parents affirming their gender-confused child is best – but goes a step beyond by indicating that affirmation is only a short-term fix that can help them “manage” the problem. The true “remedy” is puberty blocking drugs and permanently sterilizing themselves by removing their genitals.

Here’s an excerpt from the guide:

“Depending on the child’s age and signs of distress, ‘gender-affirmative’ counseling or therapy can help manage gender dysphoria. However, in many cases, the remedy for dysphoria is gender transition: taking steps to affirm the gender that feels comfortable and authentic to the child.”

Parents are also reminded that it’s never too early to start transitioning their child.

“It is important to understand that, for children who have not reached puberty, gender transition involves no medical interventions at all,” the guide continues. “It consists of social changes like name, pronoun and gender expression.”