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Man Kills California Store Owner Over Rainbow Flag

Sheriff’s deputies in the quaint mountain town quickly chased down the suspect and shot him dead.

CEDAR GLEN, CALIFORNIA — A man allegedly shot and killed a California woman for displaying a rainbow so-called “Pride” flag outside her shop, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office reports.

The murder took place on Friday in the quaint mountain community of Cedar Glen near Lake Arrowhead. A man had allegedly torn down a rainbow flag outside a store and was confronted by the shop owner.

Moments later, deputies received reports of a shooting by the Mag.Pi clothing store and found its proprietor, Laura “Lauri” Ann Carleton, suffering from a fatal gunshot wound.

The suspect, who has yet to be identified, fled on foot. The deputies quickly caught up with him.

“Deputies located the suspect near Torrey Road and Rause Rancho Road, armed with a handgun. When deputies attempted to contact the suspect, a lethal force encounter occurred and the suspect was pronounced deceased. No deputies were injured during the incident,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office states in a press release.

The victim, Laura Ann Carleton, also owned a clothing boutique in Studio City, Los Angeles. An employee said that the perpetrator was “high on narcotics” and that “this could have happened to anyone.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted about the tragedy: “This is absolutely horrific. A shop owner has been shot and killed by a man after he criticized the pride flag hanging outside her business. Lauri leaves behind her husband and 9 children. This disgusting hate has no place in CA.”

Twitter users were quick to comment on Newsom’s post, accusing him of cherry-picking between the rampant crimes and murders taking place in California in order to score political points.