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Medical Freedom March Planned at Florida’s Capitol

Grassroots organizers are calling for people from across the state to march at the Capitol to draw attention to a proposed bill that would prohibit discrimination based on vaccine status, end immunization tracking, and permanently stop vaccine-related mandates.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — People from across the state of Florida are preparing to march at Florida’s Capitol in Tallahassee on March 7 to voice support for SB 222 / HB 305 –  proposed bills intended to make medical freedom permanent and block loopholes in the COVID agenda.

The event is being organized by Health Freedom Florida and FL Freedom Keepers, two grassroots groups “dedicated to growing the medical freedom movement.” Organizers are also providing bus transportation from strategic locations in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Naples for attendees who register.

“The time is now to pass laws that PROTECT ‘We the People.’ Join Us To Stop The Mandates. Come by car, carpool, van or foot, but get there,” the group’s flyer states.


Health Freedom Florida’s leader, Mo Van Hoek, said supporters of the legislation will march the halls of the Capitol on March 7 in a highly organized fashion and raise their voices in hopes of getting members of both the House and Senate to take notice.

Van Hoek says the real impact is made when speaking directly to legislators inside the Capitol building. “Our goal is to get people to understand that our power in our numbers is important, but our power in directly communicating to legislators just how critical this bill is for all Floridians is even more important,” Van Hoek tells The Florida Standard.

Organizers are supplying marchers with a medical freedom pin to wear and handouts with talking points to use while speaking to their representatives. Van Hoek said some people might feel intimidated, but volunteers from both organizations will be available to walk constituents through the building and help people feel comfortable.


The Florida Standard reported last week on the grassroots efforts underway to make people aware of loopholes in existing law. In 2019, Van Hoek noticed a bill that established a state vaccination registry. She is now working closely with State Sen. Joe Gruters and State Rep. Webster Barnaby – who are sponsoring identical bills in the Senate and House – to get it rescinded by introducing SB 222 and HB 305.

“When Florida passes this bill, it will draw attention on a global scale and will give other states hope and give other countries hope – a way forward outside of tyrannical government overreach and forced mandates,” Van Hoek added.