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Miami-Dade Mayor Suspends Budget Director over Gas Tax Mistake

The human error will leave close to $18 million in the pockets of residents.

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MIAMI-DADE COUNTY — Miami-Dade County’s Democratic Mayor Daniella Levine Cava is proposing a county budget of over $11 billion – up 12 percent from last year. But a gas tax mistake has thrown a wrench in her tax-and-spend frenzy.

Rising home values and a surge in property taxes are fueling the county’s increase in what Levine Cava calls a “smart, compassionate and future-ready budget.” The county plans to collect an extra $283 million in property-tax revenue compared to the current fiscal year, which ends September 30.


When announcing the budget, Levine Cava touted a four-month gas tax holiday that would save residents $0.06 per gallon as a way to offer relief during high inflation.

“We’re offering relief in the form of a four-month gas tax holiday. From September to January, through the holiday season, residents will pay $0.06 less per gallon at the pump in Miami-Dade,” Levine Cava said at Monday’s press conference.

But after being pressed by reporters, Levine Cava – who is gearing up for reelection in 2024 – admitted that county administration made a mistake and did not renew its gas tax levy with the state before its 30-year expiration date.


Because county commissioners failed to renew the levy by the deadline, the county must wait until January to reinstate the six-cent gas tax.

In a memo on Tuesday, Levine Cava announced that Miami-Dade Budget Director David Clodfelter would be suspended without pay for ten days for making the mistake that will leave close to $18 million in the pockets of local residents.

“Although there was no bad intent on the part of any of our County staff, it’s important that there be accountability for the lapse in the collection,” Levine Cava wrote in the memo.