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Miami Man Beats Up Robbers, Turns Their Own Guns on Them

Three Miami villains are regretting that they tried to rob a student from Kazakhstan, who disarmed them and put them on the run.

MIAMI, FLORIDA — The robbers didn’t know that they were messing with the wrong guy when they tried to rob a Miami resident on April 15.

Oljas Kanybek is a student from Kazakhstan who is learning to become a pilot at Florida flight school. On April 15, he had arranged to purchase a used mobile phone, but instead, he was met by three robbers who ransacked his apartment.

Kanybek, who has trained boxing in his home country, was pistol whipped but valiantly fought back. He captured one of the robbers. A short time later, the two others came back armed with semi-automatic pistols.

But this didn’t faze Kanybek, who disarmed both of the assailants and turned their own guns on them.

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The police and an ambulance arrived a few minutes later. Although he was bleeding from lacerations to his hands and face, Kanybek declined to go to the hospital.

“It’s normal, I’m okay,” he told the cops and EMTs.