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Mistakes Were Made. Now, Learn From Them.

Both Trump and DeSantis made mistakes in their COVID response. It’s time to stop the blame game and move on like adults – and make sure it never happens again, writes Will Witt, Editor in Chief of The Florida Standard.

Can two things be true at the same time? Can two people make a mistake, or does one of them always have to be right?

When it came to the beginning of the COVID pandemic, there was no reliable information out there on the severity of this virus and what we were supposed to do. It was unprecedented. “Experts” from every corner were telling us how death was imminent for all if you got within six feet of someone without a mask and that staying locked in our homes was our only defense from this new, invisible enemy. It was a confusing time in those first few weeks for everyone, myself included.

But hindsight is always 20/20, as we now look back and see the mistakes that leaders around the world made, some out of our very own state here in Florida with DeSantis and the initial lockdown, and some in DC with Trump and his praise and help from Dr. Fauci and his satisfaction with the vaccines.

But what is more important: The fact that both men made mistakes and each camp calling the other side out for it? Or admonishing the previous mistakes from both sides, acknowledging when something wrong and short-sighted was done, and moving forward?

Governor Ron DeSantis’ COVID response was not perfect by any means, but then again, no one’s was. DeSantis himself has even come out and said what he did was a mistake. What is most important to many voters now is not the bickering back and forth on who did what in 2020. The world was absolutely mad then. What matters is having integrity by claiming responsibility for the actions of the past and with the newfound knowledge making sure those mistakes never happen again.

Until people can put their egos aside and see that, our country will continue the political gridlock and infighting. The truth is far more important than picking a side. And so is our future as human beings, and our fate as a nation.