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“More Dangerous than Trump” – The DeSantis Download: July 24, 2023

What’s up next for Ron DeSantis?

On Sunday, Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign released a six-minute montage of liberal media personalities repeatedly warning viewers that DeSantis is a “more dangerous” presidential candidate than former President Donald Trump.

The video – posted on the DeSantis War Room YouTube and Twitter accounts –  features Leftist media commentators such as David Pakman, Van Jones and Olayemi Olurin.

"I honestly believe DeSantis was forged in Hell,” Olurin says in the video. “There’s no doubt in my mind.”

“This guy is worse than Trump,” Jones says in the video.

“If you thought Donald Trump was bad, you got another thing coming,” U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) says. DeSantis is accused of being more “savvy,” “disciplined” and “competent” than Trump by the pundits – suggesting he’d be more capable of executing a conservative Republican agenda.

“He’s honestly more sinister, you know why? Because there’s less buffoonery to it,” Olurin says.

“The Trump agenda would be far more likely to be carried on by people less cartoonishly problematic, and Ron Desantis is a perfect example of such an individual,” Pakman argues in the video. Former Florida Congressman David Jolly (D-FL) said: “Based on what he’s done in five years in Florida, what would he do with all the levers of power in the White House?”

Here is everything you need to know about what is happening in DeSantis World today.

DeSantis Says U.S. Must Preserve Social Security for Seniors

“Florida’s governor says that the federal government must keep its promise to senior citizens – but we must also find a way to cut spending.”

Read more here from Josh Miller of The Florida Standard

DeSantis camp briefs donors, pledges to ‘Let Ron be Ron’

“Appearing before around 70 of the campaign’s top contributors at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah, DeSantis’ campaign manager Generra Peck said money had been spent on operations that had turned out to be ineffective and that the campaign would move to a leaner, ‘insurgent’ posture going forward. Among the changes being made were to ‘expose’ voters to DeSantis more, said Nick Iarossi, a Florida-based lobbyist and fundraiser who was at the event.”

Read more here from Alex Isenstadt of POLITICO

DeSantis takes shot at Trump during Utah campaign event, says GOP wave can happen with ‘no distractions’

“Utah Senate President Stewart Adams, who endorsed DeSantis for president in 2024, said no governors ‘led like Gov. DeSantis did with COVID.’”

Read more here from Emily Anderson Stern of The Salt Lake Tribune

Casey DeSantis helps position her husband as the pro-parent candidate in 2024 race

“The couple reiterated their advocacy for parents who want more influence over what their children are taught in public schools when it comes to race, gender, and sexuality – a key concern for primary voters who will determine the 2024 Republican nominee.”

Read more here from Mabinty Quarshie of The Washington Examiner

DeSantis slams Kamala Harris for lying about Florida's new education policy on black history and hits Joe Biden for not acknowledging his Arkansas granddaughter

“Ron DeSantis attacked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their focus on his policies in Florida, accusing them of lying and taking a personal hit at the president, saying if Biden's seventh granddaughter lived in his state, maybe he'd visit her.”

Read more here from Emily Goodin of Daily Mail

Trump Gets Bad News From His Own Pollster's Firm

“A Fabrizio Ward and Impact Research poll surveying voters in 40 competitive House districts across the nation found that while President Joe Biden has an edge over Trump in those crucial swing districts, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was a bigger threat to the incumbent.”

Read more here from Katherine Fung of Newsweek

Ron DeSantis super PAC will host bus tour through Iowa ahead of Lincoln Dinner

“Never Back Down is beginning to take over some event planning from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign, launching a bus tour that will take him through Chariton, Osceola and Oskaloosa ahead of Friday's Iowa GOP Lincoln Dinner.”

Read more here from Brianne Pfannenstiel of Des Moines Register

Leftists Admit They Fear DeSantis More Than Trump in New Campaign Video

“The DeSantis campaign releases a video montage of Leftists stating Florida’s governor is ‘far more dangerous’ than former President Trump.”

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