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Neo-Nazis in Theatrical Protest on Florida Overpass Cause Speculations of Staged Event

“This is just the beginning,” the neo-Nazi leader told reporters in Orlando. But some observers claimed that the protest seemed staged and that the hooded Nazis were fake.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Self-proclaimed neo-Nazis and other affiliated hate groups protested outside Orlando on Saturday, saluting Hitler and bad-mouthing Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Trump.

“We are everywhere!” demonstrators are seen shouting in a video posted by Florida House Rep. Anna V. Eskamani (D-Orlando). The group later chanted “Heil Hitler” while performing Nazi salutes.

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White supremacist Christopher Pohlhaus, who leads “a growing neo-Nazi group” that he claims has chapters across the United States and Canada, told reporters: “This is just the beginning.”

“We just have to start a fire,” Pohlhaus said. “We’re the kindling. Once we set the fire, we get the fire hot, then we get the rest of our brothers blazing.”

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In a video captured by News2Share’s Ford Fischer, the group said they were marching for “white power,” shouting “Jews will not replace us!” and “Jews get the rope.”

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Some demonstrators said they preferred Ron DeSantis over Trump, and one man shouted, “We’re all DeSantis supporters!” But shortly after, the same man said: “F*ck Ron DeSantis! Ron DeSantis is a joke. Ron DeSantis is a joke.”

Earlier in the day, News2Share reported another rally near Disney World where around ten people gathered, destroying a “gay pride” flag near the park’s entrance. The group, identifying as part of the “Order of the Black Sun,” held a sign that read, “Did you thank Hitler today?”

One man near the Disney World rally bashed former President Trump for “marrying off all of his kids to Jews.”

“He’s a pussy,” the protestor said about Trump. “He didn’t do anything he said he was going to do. And if you vote for him again – he gets in – he’s not going to do anything.”


Some are calling the protest staged, pointing to Pohlhaus’s over-the-top theatrical performance and how he appeared out of nowhere and immediately obtained a large social media following. A frequently occurring comment on X was “feds” – as in federal agents.

Pohlhaus’s partner and co-owner of his neo-Nazi compound in Maine is a former Democrat activist with an extensive criminal record who worked for far-Left politician Andrew Yang’s campaign, according to an investigative report by The Maine Wire.

A neo-Nazi with his face covered in tattoos who appeared alongside Pohlhaus at the protest has fought with the Azov Battalion in Ukraine. According to  Lara Loomer, Kent “Boneface” McLellan was on his own admission recruited by the CIA to fight there.

“Why is the @CIA and @FBI working with violent terrorists and criminals in the US and sending them overseas to fight Russians along side Nazi Ukrainian Azov Battalion?” Loomer asked in a post on X.

However, an internet sleuth claims that McLellan never was in Ukraine, since he was actually locked up in a Florida prison at the time he claimed to have taken part in the battle for the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.