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NEW DISCOVERY: Pfizer’s COVID Shot Was Only Tested on 250 People – and the Results Are Not Available.

According to biostatistician Christine Cotton, it is the “hugest scandal” she’s ever encountered during her 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — A biostatistician has made an alarming discovery in Pfizer’s testing and regulatory protocol for the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

According to Christine Cotton, Pfizer submitted two manufacturing processes for the vaccine. According to process 1, the vaccine had 95 percent relative efficacy. But it was process 2 that was used to make the substance that was then taken to market and injected into populations.

This means that billions of people have received an mRNA injection of a type that was only tested on 250 participants. The fact that the results of that study are unavailable adds to the issue.

“This is the hugest scandal I’ve ever seen in my life,” says Christine Cotton. “With process 2, they had a rate of mRNA integrity that was lower than with process 1. In real life, you got the process 2 jabs. So, on the second process of manufacturing the jabs, we don’t have any result provided,” Cotton explains.

“For the first time in pharmaceutical history, you have, in real life – authorized by all the health agencies – a product on which you have no results, or maybe on 250 participants – but they are not published,” she says.

Cotton also revealed that the European Medicines Agency (the EU’s FDA) flagged Pfizer several times over manufacturing issues.

“During the procedure, a number of issues were highlighted relating to the GMP status of the manufacture of the active substance and of the testing sites of the finished product for the purpose of batch release. These issues were classified as a Major Objection (MO). After further information was obtained from the sites and inspectors, the MO was considered resolved,” the report states.

The vaccine was approved despite these regulatory concerns, having been tested on only 250 people and without any trial data available. The injection has over 1,200 adverse effects listed in Pfizer’s own documents.