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Since our launch in August of last year, we have been clear that The Florida Standard's first commitment is to keep our readers informed by bringing you the most accurate, timely and important news impacting Florida and Gov. DeSantis.

Now, we are happy to announce that we have expanded our coverage with weekly newsletters that are guaranteed to keep you in the loop – with breaking news and exclusive stories – straight to your inbox.

And it’s all free. Just enter a valid email address in the box below – it's that simple.

The DeSantis Download

This is the premier newsletter to stay informed about everything "America's Governor" is up to. See what others are saying, understand what's up next for the governor, and get the whole picture of what's going on in Gov. DeSantis' world with the DeSantis Download twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Friday Round-Up

The most important stories you may have missed during the week. Quick and easy to read, all in one place with an exclusive letter from our Editor in Chief, Will Witt.

Weekly Legislative Report

FOR A LIMITED TIME: We give you an easy to read update on all things happening in and around Florida’s 2023 Legislative session, with insight on what is coming next. We break down bills passed, those up for vote, schedules for upcoming committee meetings and more.