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Newsom Launches Rabid Attacks on DeSantis, Who Ignores Him

The California governor whose lockdowns led to the destruction of at least 40,000 businesses tries to paint DeSantis as an authoritarian “bully.”

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — California Governor Gavin Newsom claims that Ron DeSantis is going to get “rolled by Trump” and that he’s “scared of the people” of Florida.

In an interview with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who’s left the Biden administration for far-Left network MSNBC, Newsom slammed the Florida governor and the policies he’s been pushing in the Sunshine State – including permitless carry and abortion restrictions.

“They don’t care about our kids, or they would ban weapons of war,” Newsom said in a long gun-control tirade.

In another interview with a fan, Brian Tyler Moore, Newsom talked about his recent visit to Florida and New College.

“Make no mistake, this is a full-on assault on higher education, academic freedom … Every single thing this guy does, he does with intention. Because he’s a weak guy masquerading as if he’s a strong guy, so he takes on the most vulnerable,” Newsom – who is being blamed for the blighting and rampant crime waves in the state he governs – said about DeSantis.

“They are rolling back rights in real-time … their obsession with drag shows, and they’re winning, they’re scaring people,” Newsom said concerning the Republican reaction to the Left’s normalization of grooming.

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The DeSantis administration had no official comments regarding Governor Newsom’s claims, but Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern wrote on Twitter that “@GovRonDeSantis: spends his time governing on behalf of Floridians, implementing conservative policy, and spreading Florida’s blueprint for success. @GavinNewsom: spends his time talking about Governor DeSantis.”

Many other commentators were less than convinced by Gavin Newsom’s take on DeSantis and Florida:

A New York Times report estimates that Governor Newsom’s COVID lockdowns led to the demise of at least 40,000 businesses in California. The state has the nation’s highest tax rate and the most homeless people. California’s population declined by over 500,000 people between 2020 and 2022, while Florida’s population has grown significantly over that same time.

“We’ve witnessed a great American exodus from states run by Leftist politicians, and we’ve seen massive gains in states like Florida, who are governing in accordance to the tried and true principles that President Reagan held dear,” Governor DeSantis said in a speech when he visited California in March.