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NFL Star Forced to Cancel Charity at Trump Golf Course After Teams Threaten Sponsors

“It seems this is the way America is right now,” Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer said after a local hospital backed out as the beneficiary.

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MIAMI, FLORIDA — Cancel culture has come for charity, an NFL player revealed to Americans on Monday.

Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer announced he was forced to call off his annual charity golf tournament because it was set to take place at Trump National in Doral – a popular golf club owned by former president Donald Trump.

Poyer claimed that multiple supporters backed off due to his choice of venue and pressured a major sponsor of the event to do the same.

“Unfortunately, there have been a numerous amount of teams up north that have pulled out of the tournament, not just out of the tournament but also wrote emails to a big sponsor that was going to help sponsor my tournament,” he said in an Instagram video.


Poyer indicated that the event’s beneficiary – Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) in Buffalo – told him the venue’s connection to Trump was the reason for its decision to pull out.

“I hoped we could kinda get past that, and I thought that we did,” Poyer added. “It seems this is the way America is right now. It seems like our egos get in the way of being a good human being. [Not] sharing love, sharing conversations, sharing laughter with other people who may not think the way that you do. It’s a huge thing that’s wrong in America right now.”

Poyer’s comments suggest ECMC was not willing to endure public criticism in order to help serve its patients in need of medical care.

“I’m not naïve,” he said. “I understand where they are on the political spectrum, where New York is on the political spectrum. Do I agree with a lot of it? No, I don’t. I’m sorry, I don’t. I still went and put my ego aside and went to go help those who needed help.”

The Buffalo News reported that the event had been taking heat since it was announced three weeks ago. In a statement to the paper, ECMC opted against responding to most of Poyer’s claims, writing: “We have had an excellent partnership with Jordan and we respect his decision to cancel his tournament; we hope he will consider supporting us in his future events.”

In March, Poyer decried New York’s high state income tax by suggesting he’d like to play for a team based in a state that “doesn’t take half my money.”


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