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Nick Primrose on Florida: “This is Exactly the Way Government Should be Working”

EXCLUSIVE: The Florida Standard sat down with former Chair of the Florida Elections Commission Nick Primrose to discuss major issues Floridians are facing and his bid for a seat in the Florida House.

ST. JOHNS COUNTY — Nick Primrose, Chair of the Florida Elections Commission (FEC), steps down from his position to run for House District 18 in St. Johns County.    

“In order to ensure our shared principles and goals for Florida become law, and for a properly functioning democracy to exist, it is imperative that like-minded Floridians serve the people as their representatives in the Legislature,” Primrose wrote in his resignation letter to Governor Ron DeSantis.

Primrose has extensive public policy experience and oversees JAXPORT’s regulatory compliance. He also serves as a liaison with the Jacksonville City Council’s Special Committee on Resiliency and the City of Jacksonville’s Office of General Counsel for the state’s largest container port.


“We need to have members of the Legislature who think the same way and have the same moral principles, core values and guiding principles to make sure that we are strengthening parental rights in education and pushing back against woke ideologies like ESG that’s being rammed down the throats of corporations.”

Nick Primrose tells The Florida Standard that patriotism – a sense of pride in not only our country but in our state – is crucial, because the Governor can’t do this important work on his own.

“People like the governor, Speaker Renner, Senate President Passidomo, and Chair Danny Perez were elected by Floridians because they see the issues,” said Primrose. A proactive approach to addressing topics as they come up is something that he says is necessary for Florida to continue to lead the nation.

Speaking about both the executive and legislative branches in Florida, Primrose says he’s encouraged by energetic leaders who “don’t want to just push problems to the next year or to the next generation.”

A “strike while the iron is hot” approach is what Primrose says sets Florida apart. “This is exactly the way government should be working, instead of sitting back and waiting until the problem becomes so enormous that you have no other option but to act.”


Primrose will focus on five key areas as he throws his hat in the ring for Florida’s House of Representatives:

  1. Public Safety and First Responders: Making sure Floridians feel safe and can continue to open up successful businesses. Continuing to boost the minimum salaries of first responders, offering recruitment bonuses and taking care of first responders’ physical and mental health.
  2. Infrastructure Investments: Florida has the best roads, bridges, ports and airports in the country, according to Primrose. “That’s because we continue to invest in infrastructure, keeping us ahead of all of the other states in the southeast.”
  3. Resiliency: Protecting and preserving the natural beauty of Florida, including beaches, natural habitats, estuaries, and the Florida Wildlife Corridor.
  4. Election Integrity: As past Chair of Florida’s FEC, Primrose wants to ensure that “every legal vote counts and every illegal vote doesn’t count.”
  5. Education Policy: Proper education of the next generation is essential to the future of Florida, says Primrose. Presenting all options to students, including trade schools, apprenticeships and higher education options for doctors and lawyers should be structured without a woke agenda, according to Primrose.

After announcing his candidacy for House District 18 in St. Johns County, Primrose received an immediate endorsement from Florida’s CFO, Jimmy Patronis.