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Orange County Residents Tell Horror Stories of Vaccine Injuries at Public Hearing

One of the speakers, Lori Bontell, claimed that the hospital had murdered her sister by using the CDC’s COVID protocols when treating her – even though she was never tested for the virus.

ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA — On November 15, in a special meeting by the Orange County Board of Commissioners presided over by Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, citizens told their stories about injuries and death sustained after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. They also voiced their outrage over COVID-19 measures taken by the county.

“You forced Orange County employees to choose between the job they had and a medical procedure that they did not want. You’ve publicly disparaged those who resisted your bio-medical authoritarianism. Others, you fired,” Orange County resident Chris Messina said in the meeting.


Claire Dukstein, a 22-year-old yoga teacher, told the Board her story about getting injured by the vaccine.

“I was led to believe that it was safe and effective. After I got it, I woke up in the middle of the night with my right arm and my entire face on fire,” Dukstein said, and started crying. “For eighteen months, I’ve been set on fire,” she said, stating that she’s been diagnosed with small-fiber neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy, POTS and CIDP as a result of the COVID vaccine.

Dukstein told her story of going from a healthy yoga teacher to a disabled young woman in constant pain. The hardest part, Dukstein said, is that people don’t believe her: “They assume that I’m lying or that I’m anti-vaxx, neither of which are true.”


A clinician, Rod Martin, came to the meeting in his hospital scrubs, stating that he had worked the night before.

“The amount of injuries I’ve seen … that are really not being covered in the news. It’s really troubling. A lot of people that work in the medical field … it really bothers me the amount of people that are being injured by it, but it’s not being said publicly and I don’t really understand that. I’ve seen multiple strokes coming through as a result of the vaccine.”


Lori Bontell, an Orlando resident, demanded that the County leaders use their influence to investigate COVID deaths in hospitals. She claimed that hospitals are paid monetary incentives through the CARES Act to murder their patients by means of the CDC treatment protocols.

“I know this well because my sister was killed by the CDC protocols. She was labeled as a COVID patient even though they didn’t even test her for COVID … the doctors refused to give her the treatment that she needed and wanted because they said they could only follow the CDC protocol,” Bontell said.

“They know what they’re doing when they’re causing these deaths. They are killing their patients,” Bontell stated.