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Oregon Hospital Boots Cancer Patient After She Criticized Rainbow LGBTQ Flag: Report

The woman says she was told she would need to be “re-educated” in order to stay. She refused and was subsequently denied medical care.

PORTLAND, OREGON — A public hospital in Oregon reportedly kicked out a woman suffering from cancer because she spoke out against propaganda inside the hospital that celebrated homosexuality and gender-confusion.

“I do not feel comfortable… with that enormous transgenderism banner hanging like a Nazi flag behind the reception desk,” the woman – named Marlene – wrote in a message to the staff at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).

“I have been threatened on twitter by transactivists with rape and death – so it is dauting to go for medical treatment with that banner proclaiming that I what I am – […] a woman, is a mere opt-in category for any [man] and not a [fixed] reality.”

Marlene continued to speak up about the incongruency between feminism and the “transgender” paradigm, writing: “Women are being told, once again, what we are and what we may be is to be defined and limited by men who have some preferences they’d like enforced –  which include [castrated] males claiming every female right to privacy and protection from male pattern sexual violence. XY male violence toward women is undimmed by any level of transition.”


In response to her opinions, the hospital sent her a message stating that “effective immediately you are discharged from receiving medical care at [OHSU]… This action is being taken because of ongoing disrespectful and hurtful remarks about our LGBTQ community and staff.”

Libs of TikTok broke the news in a tweet that generated nearly four million views within 24 hours. According to the tweet, OHSU staff requested Marlene “go for ‘re-education,’” but she refused.

When asked about the post, OHSU spokesperson Sara Hottman declined to address the specific claims, citing patient privacy laws, but pointed to hospital policy restricting certain kinds of speech.

“OHSU patients, families and visitors have a responsibility to refrain from using discriminatory, profane, derogatory or threatening language, imagery or behavior, and understand that these behaviors can result in limitation of visiting privileges and impact access to care at OHSU,” Hottman said.

Last month, OHSU made headlines for its use of a robot that helps surgeons chop off the penises of boys who are confused about their gender.