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Orlando High School Brings Drag Queen to Campus Library… Again

“Mama Rose,” who prefers “she/her/he/him” pronouns, will visit Boone High School on Thursday for the second year in a row. He says drag shows are “safe for all ages!!”

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Cross-dressing men may be coming to a school library near you. Orlando’s Boone High School is set to host “Drag and Donuts” with LGBTQ activist “Mama Rose” for the second consecutive year.

The school’s Queer and Allies Alliance (QAA) student club organized both events.

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A post shared by Boone High QAA 🏳️‍🌈 (@boonehighqaa)

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A post shared by Boone High QAA 🏳️‍🌈 (@boonehighqaa)

In a post commenting on an NBC video report documenting his engagement with young children, “Mama Rose” wrote: “We want the world to know Drag can be and is safe for all ages!!”

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The Orange County Republican Party says parents of Boone students told them the event was announced over the school’s PA system. Concerned parents and grandparents reportedly met with school leadership on Wednesday morning.


Orange County School Board member Alicia Farrant denounced the event in a Facebook post, writing: “I have been made aware of a drag queen event that will be happening at one of our High Schools. I am looking into this to get further details but would like parents to know that I do NOT condone this type of event.”

“We need to be RAISING the standard of excellence in our schools and helping students excel academically, not inviting drag queens in to eat donuts with our children,” Farrant added.


The QAA’s Instagram links to a PowerPoint presentation that provides students with step-by-step instructions on how to change his/her name with the school. At one point, the guidance implies students should consider working with “people at Boone” or “other adults.”  

“You are probably going to need a parent and/or other adult’s help with these forms,” the guidance states. “Remember, there are people at Boone who are ready and able to help with whatever you may need!”

Orange County Public Schools did not immediately provide comment on the “Drag and Donuts” event, but said “the district is looking into the source of the presentation and the unauthorized use of our official logo.”