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Planning A Crime Spree in the Sunshine State? Speaker Renner Has a Message for You

The Florida House will vote on five tough-on-crime bills this week, and the Speaker has a message for those planning on breaking the law in the Sunshine State.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Today, House Speaker Paul Renner (R-Palm Coast) issued a warning to anyone considering committing a crime in Florida:

“If you commit a serious crime, you’re going to face the consequences of your actions,” Speaker Renner said. “While diversion and rehabilitation are important to providing individuals who come in contact with the justice system an opportunity to correct their behavior, people must be held accountable, and we must ensure our first responders have the tools they need to do their jobs professionally and effectively.

The Speaker said the Florida House is prioritizing public safety to keep our communities safe. At a press conference with sponsors of key public safety measures, Renner highlighted the House’s expansive law and order agenda.

Bills that will be discussed on the House Floor on Thursday, April 13 include:

  • HB 1465 by Rep. Garrison (R-Fleming Island) and Rep. Snyder (R-Palm City) increases penalties for repeated firearm thefts and adds 10-20-Life as a mandatory minimum penalty to the offense of human trafficking if a firearm was involved.
  • HB 1627 by Rep. Garrison standardizes and expands pretrial detention offenses and prohibits a person from being released prior to first appearance for certain crimes.
  • HB 555 by Rep. Jacques (R-Clearwater) requires a jury to recommend the death sentence to the court if at least eight jurors determine a defendant should be sentenced to death, eliminating unanimity requirements.
  • HB 1297 by Rep. Baker (R-Jacksonville) authorizes a judge to impose the death sentence for the offense of sexual battery against a victim under the age of 12 if at least eight jurors recommend a death sentence.
  • HB 537 by Rep. Silvers (D-West Palm Beach) excludes certain offenders of heinous crimes from being eligible to have their term of probation reduced or to receive basic and incentive gain time