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Poll: Republican Approval of Homosexuality Drops 15 Points After Year of Drag Shows

In 2022, more than half of GOP voters supported “gay or lesbian relations” – but recent attempts to normalize drag shows for children has helped sink that figure to 41 percent – the lowest in ten years.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A year marked by “family friendly drag shows,” the Nashville school shooting and testimonies about the horrors of “gender affirming care” have caused Americans to sour on the LGBTQ movement.

Approval for homosexuality has dipped seven points among all Americans – including 15 points among Republicans and six points among Democrats – according to Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll.

In 2022, a record 56 percent of GOP voters said “gay or lesbian relations” were “morally acceptable.” That figure plummeted to 41 percent this year – the lowest since 2014. Members of the conservative party had scored 49 points or higher in the survey every year since 2017.

Democrats dropped from 85 percent to 79 percent between 2022 and 2023. The survey was conducted May 1–24, less than two months after the Nashville shooting.


Not surprisingly, legacy media outlets are decrying the survey results and pointing the finger at conservative leaders.

“The sharp drop in support among some Americans follows an especially aggressive year of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and politics,” an Insider article stated. “Over the past year, right-wing activists and politicians have increasingly attacked LGBTQ communities, claiming that public-school teachers are ‘grooming’ students by acknowledging the existence of gay or transgender people.”

Conservatives have indeed begun employing the “groomer” label, frequently in response to explicitly sexual content found in school classrooms or libraries. The Florida Standard reported on a book in a Tampa middle school that teaches students how to use adult hookup apps and techniques for different kinds of sex.  


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Notably omitted from the Insider story is any mention of the sudden onset of “family friendly drag shows” across the country – during which cross-dressing men danced like strippers and accepted cash tips from young children.

Opponents of this overt sexualization were labeled as hateful, bigoted or intolerant.


On June 1, 2022 – the first day of “Pride Month” – The Daily Wire released “What is a Woman?” The documentary racked up hundreds of millions of views – including over 170 million within a week of its posting on Twitter earlier this month.

“What is a Woman?” exposed the logical inconsistencies behind the transgender movement and horrifying consequences of the sex-change operations heralded as “gender-affirming care” by the mainstream media.


Victims of the transgender movement – referred to as “detransitioners” – garnered significant attention on social media by telling their heart-wrenching stories throughout 2022.

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The LGBTQ movement’s change in posture may explain the decline in public opinion.

Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen’s influential 1987 article “The Overhauling of Straight America” warned that aggressive, militant behavior from the LGBTQ movement would trigger public resistance.

“Gays must be cast as victims in need of protection,” the authors wrote. “If gays are presented, instead, as a strong and prideful tribe promoting a rigidly nonconformist and deviant lifestyle, they are more likely to be seen as a public menace that justifies resistance and oppression. For that reason, we must forego the temptation to strut our ‘gay pride’ publicly when it conflicts with the Gay Victim image.”

They also noted that “suspected child-molesters will never look like victims.”