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Radical Socialists Arrested After Blocking Governor’s Office in Florida Capitol

The activists who want to abolish prisons instead got a taste of what it feels like inside a jail cell.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — On Wednesday, a group of people tried to block the entrance to Governor DeSantis’ office at the Florida Capitol. The Florida Capitol Police and the Highway Patrol responded to the incident and made 14 arrests.

The arrestees were booked into the Leon County jail, charged with misdemeanor trespass. According to ABC News, the group belongs to an organization called Dream Defenders.

Dream Defenders is a radical Leftist group that according to their own website wants a complete redesign of society based on socialism, black feminism, abolitionism and internationalism.

Abolitionism means the destruction of the justice system in favor of some sort of utopian anarchy.

“We are fighting for a world without prisons, policing, surveillance and punishment. We know that prisons aren’t about safety or accountability but about control and domination over large segments of the population, especially Black people, in order to make a profit,” the organization states on their website.

Dream Defenders is reportedly funded by the Tides Center and the Ford Foundation, among others.