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Rand Paul Staffer Stabbed by Felon Released Due to Trump’s First Step Act

Letting dangerous criminals out on the street for “good time credit” has led to a rise in violent crime, says political commentator Pedro L. Gonzalez.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A staffer for U.S. Senator Rand Paul, Philip Todd, was viciously attacked this past Saturday by a knife-wielding assailant who claimed to hear voices, according to Fox News.

The suspect, Glynn Neal, was swiftly arrested. It was then discovered that he had been released the day before from Federal prison in Maryland – and that he had a long rap sheet of violent offenses.

Political commentator Pedro Gonzalez argues that Neal was able to continue his violent career due to former President Donald Trump signing the First Step Act – legislation that gives offenders “good time credit” to let them out early.

“Trump pushed the First Step Act by legitimizing left-liberal talking points about the justice system being systematically racist,” Gonzalez wrote in a tweet.

He argues that the legislation was pushed by Jared Kushner and a think tank called the America First Policy Institute.

“It's important to note that Trump's White House lied to people about what the First Step Act entailed. They knew what they were doing. They knew they were helping dangerous thugs. But they didn't admit it. We had to find out later the hard way,” Gonzalez wrote.