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Rappers Charter Miami Yacht, Hold Crew Hostage

Police intercepted a charter yacht near the Wharf Miami after a crew member sent text messages saying they were being held at gunpoint.

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MIAMI, FLORIDA — Miami Police responded Sunday night to reports of a charter yacht crew being held at gunpoint near the Wharf Miami.

“People are just raising their hands up, so we were kind of wondering what’s going on,” Terence Quek told WSVN News. “We didn’t think it was anything big until, like, there’s cop cars coming from the other side as well.”

Quek said he witnessed the holdup and was rushed away when police engaged the criminals from both sides of the dock.

“We saw police holding guns, rushing in. It’s a crazy scene, I’m not going to lie,” Quek said.


The owner of the vessel told police the boat was chartered by a group of 17 people for the day. But according to the owner, when the time came to bring the yacht back to the dock, the group held the captain and crew at gunpoint – demanding their money back.

The captain told police that one of the men threatened to kill him and throw him off the boat if he didn’t return the money. The suspect then took the captain’s phone and wallet from his pocket and threatened another member of the crew.

According to the police report, rapper Quavo – whose real name is Quavious Marshall – from the group Migos was also on board the yacht Sunday. Police said it was unclear to investigators late Sunday whether Marshall was involved in the confrontation.

The yacht owner said no one was harmed and noted that officials arrived on the scene after a crew member secretly sent text messages to the police. While the yacht is currently docked near the Wharf Miami, the venue said they had nothing to do with the incident.