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READY TO RUMBLE: DeSantis and Trump Face Off in the Same Room for the First Time Since Campaign Launch

Trump posted a video on his Truth Social platform warning Iowans of DeSantis as the two rivals will clash at Iowa’s Lincoln Dinner tonight.

DES MOINES, IOWA — Tonight, Ron DeSantis and former President Trump will appear at the same event for the first time as rival presidential candidates.

DeSantis is finishing up a bus tour in the Hawkeye State today and will arrive at the event with “unprecedented” support among state legislators. In addition, thirteen sheriffs in eleven counties across Iowa have officially endorsed DeSantis as the strongest advocate for local law enforcement.


But Donald Trump has a history of hijacking the headlines, and some Iowans are still bitter about his recent attack on their governor, Kim Reynolds.

“Donald Trump has the knack of making sure that he’s the only one that’ll be talked about after that event,” longtime Iowa-based GOP strategist Craig Robinson told The Hill.

The rivalry between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump is escalating as the presidential race moves into full swing. In a sign of how important tonight will be, Trump posted a video on his Truth Social platform warning Iowans of DeSantis.

“Ron DeSanctimonious would be a complete disaster for the American farmers and the great people of Iowa!” Trump said in the video on Thursday.

According to Robinson, tonight’s Lincoln Dinner will be “critical” for DeSantis, who has continued to trail Trump in polls despite his focus on grassroots efforts in the early state.


The event is unique because the candidates will have a chance to mingle with attendees after the dinner – an opportunity to answer questions and build rapport. It’s also the first big event where all the GOP candidates will be in one place together.

The DeSantis campaign is optimistic that the priority they’ve given to the state will pay off as Iowa sets the tone as the first to vote in a long process of caucuses and primaries to determine the Republican nominee.

“Governor DeSantis continues to pick up additional support in Iowa with each visit. No one will outwork the governor in the Hawkeye State, and he is just getting started,” said DeSantis campaign staffer Carly Atchison.

Trump has maintained most of his lead in national GOP polls, but legal issues continue to mount.

The DeSantis campaign said it’s all about which candidate puts in the time with voters to help build the party in Iowa. Today is DeSantis’ fourth visit to the state, and he’ll return next week for the Iowa State Fair.