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Judge Rules Taxpayers Will Pay for Mutilation of Children, Gay Religion and more! - TFS Newsletter 6/23/23

A Letter From Our Editor:

This week, a radical Leftist teachers’ union boss was appointed to a Department of Homeland Security advisory council. Randi Weingarten fought to keep schools closed for as long as possible during COVID – now she will advise Biden’s DHS on counterterrorism and recruitment of national security personnel.

Also, a Clinton-appointed judge rules Florida taxpayers must fund mutilation of children. U.S. District Court Judge Robert Hinkle believes the Constitution protects the right for confused Floridians to have their sex change operations paid for by public tax dollars.

And in other horrifying news, a young actress sick from the COVID jab chose to end her own life. Kat Pave documented the progress of her disorders caused by the shot on Instagram. Finally, she was unable to go on living.

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Thank you for being a supporter of The Florida Standard and God bless the Free State of Florida.Will Witt

Will Witt
Editor in Chief

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