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Report: DeSantis Not Affiliated with PAC Pushing Him as 2024 Presidential Candidate

A letter written by DeSantis’ legal counsel cautioned donors that “contributions made to the 'Ron to the Rescue' PAC will not benefit Governor DeSantis or his agenda.”

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Governor Ron DeSantis is not affiliated with the super PAC “Ron to the Rescue,” according to a report by Fox News. On Friday, Ben Gibson, DeSantis’ legal counsel, penned a letter to the governor’s donors clarifying the distinction.

“It is important to make clear to supporters that Governor DeSantis and his team are not affiliated with the ‘Ron to the Rescue’ PAC, have not authorized it to conduct any activity on their behalf, and contributions made to the 'Ron to the Rescue' PAC will not benefit Governor DeSantis or his agenda,” Gibson wrote.

“This is similar to other ‘pro-DeSantis’ PACs that have formed and continue to use Ron DeSantis’ name and likeness to raise funds without his permission or authorization,” Gibson added.  “Whether well intentioned or not, the organizers of these PACs have not been in contact with DeSantis leadership and such efforts may create confusion amongst supporters of the Governor and his policies.”


The PAC’s recent ad advocating for a DeSantis presidential run includes disclaimer at the end, noting: “PAID FOR BY RON TO THE RESCUE. NOT AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE’S COMMITTEE.”

Additionally, Twitter added a disclaimer to the post, noting, “Governor DeSantis does not endorse or benefit from this organization,” and including a link to the Fox News article.

“When our nation struggled, Florida thrived,” the ad states. “Doesn’t America deserve the same? To defeat Biden and restore our country, America needs leadership. We need Ron DeSantis."


John Thomas, who runs his own political advertising and strategy firm, is believed to be driving “Ron to the Rescue.”

“Since the Governor is not a candidate for President at this time, we've stepped up to the plate to advocate and organize Americans who feel passionately that we need Ron DeSantis leading our nation,” Thomas told Fox News in a statement. “We view it to be of critical importance to organize and communicate with Americans now so that Donald Trump and other potential Republican candidates do not gain any advantage in the meantime.”

“The intention of our group is to lay the groundwork and harness the energy for Ron DeSantis so that he may hit the ground running if and when he decides to officially run,” Thomas added.


For his part, DeSantis has repeatedly thrown cold water on speculation about a potential presidential run in 2024, emphasizing his focus is solely on governing the state of Florida. Last week he told reporters: “People just need to chill out a little bit on some of this stuff, I mean – seriously. We just ran an election.”

After former president Donald Trump blasted DeSantis on November 10 – calling him an “average Republican governor with great Public Relations” – the governor declined to fire back at his fellow party member. DeSantis downplayed the “noise” surrounding his future plans by calling attention to the here and now.

“And really what matters is – are you leading, are you getting in front of issues, are you delivering results for people… and are you standing up for folks?” he said. “If you do that, none of that stuff matters.”