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REPORT: Epstein Blackmailed Gates over Affair with Russian Bridge Player

According to the Wall Street Journal, Epstein tried to use an affair as leverage over Gates.

NEW YORK — Bill Gates was blackmailed by alleged Mossad operative and serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Wall Street Journal claims.

“Jeffrey Epstein discovered that Bill Gates had an affair with a Russian bridge player and later appeared to use his knowledge to threaten one of the world’s richest men, according to people familiar with the matter,” the newspaper writes.

The story claims that Epstein had failed to persuade Gates to join one of his “charitable ventures,” and then used his knowledge of Gates’ affair with the bridge player, who was in her 20s, as leverage against the vaccine kingpin.

“Gates, 67 years old, a technology adviser to Microsoft and one of its largest shareholders, has said he met Epstein a few times only to discuss philanthropy, which he regrets and calls a mistake,” WSJ states.

However, flight records indicate that Gates flew with Epstein on his Lolita Express private jet several years after Epstein was convicted of soliciting minors for sex.

Planting stories in mainstream media that claim to expose smaller transgressions is sometimes used as a preemptive method to deflect from more serious crimes on the cusp of being exposed.