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REPORT: Girl Scouts to Allow Boys to Sleep in "Gender Inclusive" Tents on Overnight Camps

“Our goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all of our campers,” a camp signup page states in a social media post.

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NEW YORK CITY — The Girl Scouts are allowing boy scouts to sleep in “gender inclusive” tents and shelters on overnight trips, according to images that surfaced Monday on social media.

The popular Twitter account End Wokeness posted screenshots of what appears to be an online signup form for a summer camp.

“A parent who was going to send her daughter to camp sent this,” the account wrote in a follow up tweet.


In one screenshot, parents are asked to select their child’s pronouns and are given the option to choose “she/her,” “he/him,” “they/them” or “other.”

Another screenshot shows a page that states “Our organization welcomes members of all gender identities and expression including at our camps. […] Our goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all our campers.”

Parents are then asked to select the preferred sleeping accommodation for their camper from the listed options “No preference,” “Gender inclusive,” or “Female: only for cicsgender females.” The page notes that preferences “will remain confidential.”

“At no time will any camper be ‘outed’ based on their request; tents and glen shelters will not be referred to as the ‘girl only’ or ‘gender inclusive.’”

Since the shelters are unlabeled, it is unclear how distinctions between the different tents would be made. Girls Scouts of the USA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The organization’s website addresses the issue of boys who are confused about their gender on an FAQ page, stating: “These situations are rare and are considered individually with the best interests of all families in mind. Should any girl requiring special accommodations wish to camp, GSUSA recommends that the local council make similar accommodations that schools across the country follow in regard to changing, sleeping arrangements, and other travel-related activities.

“With respect to volunteers, Girl Scouts welcomes both male and female adult volunteers and has developed appropriate safeguards regarding roles and responsibilities to ensure that girls receive the proper supervision and support.”


The report comes on the heels of new coverage related to the Girls Scouts’ “Pride” month initiative in June.

The organization is pushing the controversial ideology on children by incentivizing participation in certain aspects of the movement. The “Multicultural Community Celebration” initiative celebrates LGBTQ people and all non-white ethnic groups by awarding patches based on participation in a variety of activities.

For the month of June, troop leaders are given a list of 20 activities and advised to encourage their scouts to take part in at least 3 of them in order to earn the patch.

The activities include making rainbow flags and attending an LGBTQ+ “Pride” celebrations in June. Others suggest scouts read, watch, memorize, discuss, sketch, write about a wide variety of topics related to LGBTQ history.

Scouts are also to learn LGBTQ vocabulary via the Human Rights Campaign’s official definitions.

“As Girl Scouts we deeply value diversity and inclusion,” the guide states. “A Girl Scout is a friend and ally to all families.”