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Republican Candidate Wins City Commissioner Seat in Deep Blue Territory

A conservative candidate won a commissioner seat in a city with twice the number of registered Democrats to Republicans.

COCONUT CREEK, FLORIDA — Broward County, a longtime Democratic stronghold in the state, just saw another Republican victory. On Tuesday, John Brodie got 40 percent of the vote for Coconut Creek city commissioner, beating Nancy Fry and Alfred Delgado.

“I feel amazing and it’s so surreal,” Brodie told a local news site. He credited his win to involvement in the community and his “willingness to do the work.”

Brodie was appointed to the seat last April in a controversial move to replace Lou Sarbone, who resigned after he was found to have his place of residence in Fort Myers. Although the city commission race is technically non-partisan, Brodie ran on conservative values and garnered support from the local community.

Endorsements came from the Coconut Creek Fire Department, Broward’s Police Benevolent Association and Rep. Chip LaMarca (R-Lighthouse Point). Veterans’ groups and the special needs community also strongly endorsed Brodie, who works closely with the Foundation for Independent Living.


Republicans in Broward County took note of the big win. “We had a good candidate. Our volunteers saw for the first time many cross-over votes – people switching parties,” Tom Powers, Chair of the Republican Party of Broward, told The Florida Standard.

“We saw Democrats and those with no party affiliation show up after going into areas where historically the [Republican] party didn’t go. People are ready to move this country forward,” Powers added.

Coconut Creek has 16,600 registered Democrats, 12,800 registered Independents, and 8,200 registered Republicans. Last November in Palm Beach County, many Democrats voted for Governor Ron DeSantis. Could Broward County be shifting red?

“All signs continue to show that Florida, in every corner of the state, is becoming more red by the day under Governor DeSantis’ leadership,” Christian Ziegler, Chair of the Republican Party of Florida, told The Florida Standard.

The Florida Standard interviewed Michael Barnett in neighboring Palm Beach County earlier this year about the red wave he saw happen before his eyes.