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Republican Mobilization May Stop Democrat Taddeo from Beating Salazar in Florida’s 27th District

The stage is set for a tough fight between Taddeo, who is endorsed by some of the most prominent figures on the far Left, and anti-socialist Salazar, a former reporter whose parents fled from Castro’s Cuba.

MIAMI, FLORIDA — It’s set for a close fight between incumbent U.S. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar and her challenger, State Sen. Annette Taddeo in Florida’s 27th Congressional District. The district has over 70 percent Hispanic voters, and polls indicate that Hispanics are leaning conservative in the upcoming election on November 8.

According to a poll from a few weeks ago, conducted by Republican polling company Cygnal, Salazar’s lead is within the margin of error – 6 percentage points.

“The rightward shift of the district has Salazar performing very well across-the-board. Her base is larger, and those left undecided are most focused on the economy, inflation, and national security — all issues that will push these voters Salazar’s way,” Cygnal president and founder Brent Buchanan said in a statement to Florida Politics.


Taddeo is pro-abortion, pro-gun control and for an assault weapon ban. On her election platform, she mentions the January 6 events as a threat to our democracy: “While our Republic survived that day, it became abundantly clear that the future of American democracy is at stake,” she writes. She also cites “Russia’s unprovoked war on Ukraine” as a main reason for the financial woes that are currently pressing Americans.

She is endorsed by some of the nation’s most prominent figures on the far Left, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist and U.S Rep. Eric Swalwell, who was accused of entertaining a love affair with a Chinese spy.


Salazar was born in Miami’s Little Havana district, the daughter of refugees from Fidel Castro’s Cuba. She paid her own way through Harvard and started working in journalism, where she rose to be one of the most well-known Spanish-language reporters in the country.

Her main issue is to stop the march of socialism in America, and she is one of the most vocal politicians against the far Left – not mincing words about the dangers the current developments pose:

“Freedom and the pursuit of the American Dream is at stake as leaders in Congress on the left want to implement socialism in this country. Our community, more than most in our nation, know the horrors and injustices of socialism. Socialism isn’t a romantic ideal as those on the left want us to believe. Failed socialism systems have brought misery, oppression, and exile to the countries from which many in our community fled,” Salazar writes.