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Ron DeSantis Sworn In as Florida’s 46th Governor

“Freedom lives here in our great Sunshine State of Florida,” Governor Ron DeSantis said in his speech, in which he reiterated his commitment to protecting individual liberty, ensuring safe communities and traditional family values.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Today, Ron DeSantis was officially sworn in as the 46th governor of Florida. The inauguration for his second term took place at Florida’s historic old Capitol building, one of the most alluring landmarks in the South.

Governor DeSantis, First Lady Casey, and their children were introduced with much fanfare as the Florida Army National Guard’s 13th Army Band performed traditional patriotic music. Some on social media noted that the First Lady’s ensemble was “looking like Presidential First Lady material.”

Members of Florida’s cabinet, including Wilton Simpson, Jimmy Patronis and Ashley Moody were also sworn in. As a result of the general election, for the first time since Reconstruction, Florida does not have a Democrat in state-wide elected leadership.


DeSantis addressed Chief Justice Muñiz, members of his cabinet and fellow citizens, reminding them “from the Space Coast to the Sun Coast, from St. Johns to St. Lucie, from the streets of Hialeah to the Speedway in Daytona, from Okeechobee all the way up to Micanopy – freedom lives here in our great Sunshine State of Florida.”

Freedom “lives in the courage of those who patrol our streets and who keep our community safe,” DeSantis said. “It lives in the industry of those who work long hours to earn a living and raise their families. It lives in the dedication of those who teach our children. It lives in the determination of those who grow our food. It lives in the wisdom of our senior citizens.”

“It lives in the dreams of the historic number of families who have moved from states across this country because they saw Florida as the land of liberty and the land of sanity,” DeSantis said.


The governor said that although Florida’s administration faces attacks and often receives hits, Florida will weather the storms and stand its ground and do what is right. “We lead not by mere words, but by deeds,” DeSantis said as he reminded constituents that four years ago, he promised to pursue a bold agenda.

“We have produced results,” DeSantis said as he ensured that promises were kept when Floridians were told that the state would tax lightly, regulate reasonably and spend conservatively.

The DeSantis administration promised big education reforms. And they promised the end of judicial activism, vowing to appoint judges who would apply the law as written – not legislate from the bench. “We delivered,” said DeSantis.

“When Hurricane Ian came last year, the state coordinated a massive mobilization of response personnel, facilitated the fastest power restoration on record, and even rebuilt key bridges that had been wiped out by the storm,” DeSantis stated.


Amid a standing ovation, the governor reiterated his support for law and order and the state’s support of law enforcement. “We will always reject soft-on-crime policies and policies that put our communities at risk.”

“Florida must always be a great place to raise a family. We will enact more family-friendly policies to make it easier to raise children, and we will defend our children against those who seek to rob them of their innocence.”


According to DeSantis, it’s often been said that our federalist constitutional system, with 50 states able to pursue their own unique policies, represents a laboratory of democracy. But the governor pushed back against governing philosophies in recent years by other states.

“The policies by these states have produced a mass exodus of productive Americans from these jurisdictions,” DeSantis said. Florida has served as the most desired destination – “a promised land of sanity,” according to the governor.

“This bizarre, but prevalent ideology, that permeates these policy measures and purports to act in the name of justice for the marginalized – but it frowns upon American institutions – it rejects merit and achievement, and it advocates identity essentialism,” said DeSantis.

In the culmination of his address, DeSantis said that “We reject this woke ideology. We seek normalcy, not philosophical lunacy. We will not allow reality, facts, and truth to become optional. We will never surrender to the woke mob. Florida is where woke goes to die.”