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Rubio Wants Total Abortion Ban

In an interview with CBS Miami, the senator advocated for states to provide greater legal protection for the unborn – even in cases of rape and incest.

MIAMI, FLORIDA — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio took a strong stance on abortion when asked about potential legislation that would protect unborn children conceived under illegal circumstances, such as rape and incest.

In an interview that aired on Thursday, CBS Miami’s Jim DeFede asked Rubio if he opposes abortion in all cases, including rape and incest. Rubio responded, “I believe abortion is the killing of an unborn human being and that all human beings are entitled to the dignity and protection of life.”

DeFede followed up, pressing the senator for a more direct answer.

“Jim, what I’ve said to you is very clear: I believe that human life is worthy of protection. An unborn human being has rights. We recognized that in our law already,” Rubio said, giving the example of how a negligent driver would be charged with two counts of manslaughter if he killed a pregnant woman in a car wreck.


In 2017, the American College of Pediatricians published a statement concluding that life begins at conception, citing the “predominance of human biological research.”

“The difference between the individual in its adult stage and in its zygotic stage is one of form, not nature,” the statement reads.

Although Rubio said he would support legislation that allows for exceptions in cases of rape and incest, he emphasized the starting point for human rights when justifying his stance.

“To be consistent on this issue, I believe that we should be protecting innocent human life from the moment of conception to the moment of birth and that our laws should reflect that,” Rubio said.


When asked if he would support a federal ban on abortions, Rubio said he feels the decision should be left to the states.

“I think that right now this issue is appropriately before the states. That’s where it should have always been. That’s where it is now and I think that’s where it will be for the foreseeable future,” Rubio said. “People will have more influence over their state legislature than they do over congress, and certainly over the Supreme Court.”


Representative Val Demings, who hopes to unseat Rubio in November, attacked the senator for his pro-life stance.

“Marco Rubio is obsessed with taking away our freedoms,” Demings said in a tweet. “Losing the right to choose means women’s lives are at risk, doctors could be thrown in jail, and victims of rape and incest forced to carry the seed of their rapist.”